Stage Trailers

The most versatile type of marketing trailer, it’s no wonder we sell and lease a lot of stage trailers! Perfect for mobile tours, mobile retail, trade shows, food trailers, and performances, they are fully customizable to suit your needs.

custom trailer capabilities

An experiential marketing showstopper

There’s no better experiential marketing vehicle than a stage trailer. With a main stage that folds down and a rear ramp that doubles as a stage, plus nearly endless customization options, they are open, engaging, and eye-catching.

A restaurant on wheels

While not technically a food trailer, stage trailers can easily be used by food brands. Bub City has a mobile party wagon that they use to cook and serve BBQ at events. Memphis in May world champion Lillie’s Q uses a stage trailer for competitions and events. We’ve turned stage trailers into mobile coffee shops, mobile bars, and more

A platform for performances

From bands to symphonies to theatre to magicians, our stage trailers have been used for all types of performances. Such as New Holland Agriculture, who leased a 24′ stage trailer to use for live music within their footprint at the Farm Progress Show. Or the Goodman Theatre, who has used it twice for free performances across the city of Chicago.

Need help choosing the right trailer? Our sales staff is ready to help you find exactly what you need.