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Advantage Trailer now Carrying Cross Trailers

Like many other industries, the trailer industry has been hit with supply shortages during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have felt the impact as manufacturers struggle to keep up with demand and our usual stock of trailers has dipped below 50 percent capacity.

Advantage Trailer has taken this as an opportunity to evaluate our partners and trailer sources in order to continue to provide our customers with high-quality trailers at a great value. It has never been our policy to stock or sell low-end, bottom-of-the-barrel trailers, so we didn’t want to bring them in just to fill our lot. Instead we wanted to bring on another manufacturer that was a good fit for us and for our customers.

Enter Cross Trailers.

We are proud to bring Cross Trailers into the fold because we feel their quality and beliefs align perfectly with Advantage Trailer.

On their home page, Cross describes what sets them apart, which they call the Cross Difference:

“We believe retail customers should be able to get the trailer they want, built correctly, on time, and built to last. We also believe quality doesn’t come from promises, it comes from combining design, materials, and craftsmanship into a solid product. You will find many of our competitors upcharge for options that Cross Trailers includes in our standard build. If you desire to purchase a trailer from a company that believes in honesty, time-honored workmanship, and integrity, Cross Trailers is the only choice for you.”

While many manufacturers build base model trailers without screwless exteriors, or the screwless exteriors they do use have troubles with ripples and seams popping due to metal expansion, Cross Trailers uses their proprietary Aegis system which allows for flex, expansion, and contraction. This means screwless panels, a self-flashing roof, and a proprietary trim that minimizes failures.

Instead of relying on caulk to keep our wind, dust, and water, The Aegis system ensures a smoother look and longer lasting performance. The floating system, screwless panels and extrusions, and technologically advanced adhesives ensure a stronger bond to the frame and increased oxidation resistance. The self-flashing roof has no wood, which allows for a tighter bond to the frame, while the self-flashing extrusion trim requires less sealant, fewer screws, and better weather seal.

Cross Trailers, which is based in Elkhart, Ind., offers cargo trailers, landscaping trailers, contractor trailers, office trailers, vending trailers, fiber optic trailers, car haulers, bike haulers, snowmobile trailers, and racing trailers. They also offer a 5-year limited structural warranty, 3-year limited warranty, and 1-year limited electrical and coatings warranty.

We currently have one Cross trailer in stock, a 28-foot car hauler, which is a great value as a basic car hauler. We also have a 24-footer coming in soon as well as several cargo trailers. Additionally, we can custom-order one for you if you want a size, color, or feature we don’t stock. Interested? Give us a call at 888-280-6695 today.

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