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Advantage Trailer: One-of-a-Kind Creation

The story of Advantage Trailer's newest creation starts with a 1954 Corvette and a die cast model car and ends with a one-of-a-kind trailer that leaves car lovers speechless.

It all begins on a November day just last year when a customer brought in a mint-condition die cast model car still in the box for his salesperson – admittedly having no true use for the car.  As chance would have it, the model car was nearly identical to the 1954 Corvette that Graff team had just rebuilt for Mr. Hank Graff as a retirement gift.  The team couldn’t help but beg the question, “Can we make this life-size?”  The Advantage Trailer team was excited by the challenge and hit the ground running.

Just a few short months later, an incredible, true-to-life replica of the model car box was complete.  Not only does this car hauling trailer provide a beautiful showcase for a beautiful car, but it also includes showroom-style lighting to accentuate the sleek, distinctive style of the C1 Corvette.  The 28-foot long, 10-foot tall custom glass side car hauler trailer showcases the car only as a classic beauty should be.  The entire back panel of the trailer features a life-size photograph of the car with a license plate holder in place of the car’s license plate for that of the trailer.  The trailer lights shine through in the exact fashion of the car as well.

The trailer was built first and foremost as display for the Corvette, but the back panel also functions as a loading ramp to place nearly any car in the trailer.  The car hauler will be unveiled at the Back to the Bricks events, where car aficionados will be able to drive their own ride in the trailer for a photo opportunity.

A brilliant idea, prompted simply by coincidence, this brilliant creation is truly unique.  The car hauling trailer can be seen at a variety of Hank Graff promotional events, so you too can see your car featured like a true collector’s item.

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