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When you're hauling a restored car that you’ve put all yourblood, sweat, and tears into, you want to make sure that it’s in a trailer youcan trust. The last thing you want to worry about is losing your prizedpossession. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to find a company thatmakes high-quality car trailers. At Trailer Advantage, we have several of theindustry’s best trailers, and we can even offer you the ability to create acustom car trailer.

The Customization Process for Our Car Trailers

If you are overwhelmed by the idea of designing your own car hauling trailer,don’t worry. We have plenty of highly-trained professionals ready to walk youthrough the entire process. You can sit down with one of our designers todiscuss your needs, budget, and taste. From there, we can help you choose from:

VariousLengths: Whether you want a small, easy-to-tow trailer or need a 34 ft.trailer, we have you covered.

VersatileStyles: You can choose from an enclosed aluminum car trailer, a stacker trailer, or otherstyles complete with branded graphics.

DurableMaterials: Know that our trailers are built to last because we use brandslike ATC, US Cargo, and more.

Regardless of how which options you choose, we work hard tobuild the highest-quality trailer at some of the most affordable prices. Eachof our designers and fabrication professionals has all of the knowledge andtools to provide you with a trailer that makes loading and unloading yourvehicles easier and safer than ever, so you can rest assured that your projectis in good hands with us.

Design Your Custom Car Trailer Today 

With our completely custom trailers, nothing is standing inthe way of you and your ideal car trailer. To find out more about how we canhelp you with the design process, we encourage you to give us a call. You canspeak with one of our knowledgeable representatives about your ideas, and wecan provide you with a project cost estimate. We also have a simple onlinequote form that you can fill out at your convenience!

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