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Custom Emergency Response Trailers for All Disaster Response Needs

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If you have an emergency response or disaster recoverysupport team, you need a mobile unit to serve as a central location on anyscene. However, you shouldn't have to settle for a standard trailer and dealwith the extra work of customizing it for your unique needs. Fortunately, whenyou come to Advantage Trailer, you don’t have to do anything other than speakwith our design experts. We can help you customize any of our quality emergency response trailersfor your organization no matter your objective.

Emergency Response Trailers for Numerous Disaster Response Needs

Custom emergency response trailers allow for precisemanufacturing or upfitting to incorporate the functions and features to meetmost any disaster response requirement.

Dive Rescue Command

Whether you are a third-party dive rescue organization orown a company in need of frequent diving tools, we can help you create an emergency response trailerthat is stocked full of all of the supplies and equipment you need to carry outa successful mission. From a designated space for oxygen tanks to a radiocenter to communicate with your offshore counterparts, we have you covered.

Animal Rescue Trailers

As an animal rescue organization, you might work withabandoned puppies or neglected horses. Therefore, you need to be able tocustomize the length of your trailer to fit your needs. We can fabricate atrailer long enough for several horses if necessary, but if you primarily focuson medical attention for smaller animals, we can create a shorter trailer thatis more manageable. Best of all, we can create a specific area for keepingsterilized medical equipment organized.

Disaster Relief Field Office

When natural disasters strike a region, first responders anddispatching centers are often overwhelmed. To provide more people with theaccess they need to water, radios, and shelter, we can provide you with severaldisaster response trailers.We can customize the exterior of the trailer to make it recognizable and noticeablefor people as they seek help. In addition, you can stock all of the suppliesyou may need and build the equipment required for regional disasterpreparedness.

First Responder Support Trailer

Last, but not least, we can create a customized firstresponder trailer, which can also be used as a disaster response trailer. From DUI enforcementposts to Hazmat trailers, we can create a mobile station for handling anyemergency response situation. At Advantage Trailer, we are passionate aboutworking on challenging projects, so you can count on us to provide you withequipment no matter the objective of your government or private agency.

Build Your Custom Emergency Response Trailer

If you would like to get started with choosing the length,layout, or design of your emergency response trailer, we encourage you to reachout to us at Advantage Trailer right away. You can call to discuss your needsor fill out our online form to request your complimentary project estimate.

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