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Whether you work for an experiential marketing agency or a brand, we can help you create a custom trailer that elevates your (or your client’s) brand.

We know that purchasing a custom trailer is a big deal. From experiential agencies trying to maximize their client’s budget to small business owners taking the leap to grow their business, we work with you every step of the way to ensure you get a trailer that fits your needs and budget.

We want to introduce ourselves to experiential agencies and brands that are looking to hit the road this spring or summer.

Who Are We?

We’re experts in custom trailers. We’ve been doing this for 35 years. On our team, we have over a decade of in-agency experience managing mobile tours. We know the process from your perspective because we’ve been in your shoes. We’ve managed experiential activations for brands such as Verizon, AT&T, Kettle Brand, Welch’s, Grey Goose, and more.

From the initial inquiry to mockups and renderings to ideation to fabrication, all the way through to the finished product, our team can help you create a custom trailer that will not only bring your ideas to life but drive results for your brand.

Who Have We Worked With?

We’ve been trusted by agencies such as TEAM Enterprises, G7 Entertainment Marketing, ICE Factor, and Route 44 Productions. We’ve produced custom trailers for brands like Amazon Prime, Timberland, Florida Blue, Heaven Hill Distillery, Kroger, Kona Brewing, and Microsoft, to name a few.

But don’t worry, we don’t only work with “the big guys”. From local windows and doors companies to start-up apparel brands to water pump manufacturers to beauty salons to tattoo parlors to small cutting board businesses to pilates studios, we can create custom trailers for budgets big and small.

We like to use the hashtag #atrailerforeverything because we really can create a trailer for everything — and we pretty much have!

We’ve sold trailers to 47 of 50 states in just the past 5 years (if you’re in New Hampshire, Vermont, or Oregon, hit us up!), as well as Canada and the Caribbean, so while we may be based just outside Chicago, we work with brands and agencies nationwide.

If you or your client is looking for a custom trailer this spring or summer, let’s talk.

To get the conversation started, you can:

• Give us a call
• Submit a custom trailer quote request
• Email

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