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Disaster Response Trailers Provide Invaluable Solution When Disaster Strikes

A natural disaster is an event no one wants to live through orface, but is an unfortunate reality for many across the country. Thankfully,there are many great organizations that go into harm's way to help with rescue,relief, and recovery, and Advantage Trailer is happy to be able to providesolutions for those organizations.

A disaster response trailer is an incredibly useful tool fororganizations ranging from local churches to contractors to large corporations.We have done several of them over the past few years and have a few in stockthat would be ready to go in an instant if needed.

St. John’s Lutheran Church in Wheaton got a 24-footdisaster response trailer for their Lutheran Emergency Response Team (LERT) acouple years ago and has used it for disaster relief trips afterHurricane Michael in Panama City, Fla., as well as tornadoes in Illinoisand other surrounding states.

The Salvation Army recently purchased a 28-foot car hauler to haul large ATVs and serve as a mobile command post following local and regional disasters.

We also built a laundry trailer for LG Electronics to taketo areas affected by disaster and offer laundry services to those in need. Theydid so afterHurricane Florence in the Carolinas as well as other events, and recentlyhad their trailer renovated for future use.

So what types of trailers would work for disaster response?Below are a few that we currently have on our lot (click on them to view their full listing), but we are happy to workwith you to design exactly what you need based on your intended use.

Enclosed CargoTrailer

The simplest option is an enclosed cargo trailer, especially one that is outfitted for landscapers or contractors. Fill itwith equipment and supplies and haul it to your destination.

7'x16' Formula Triumph Enclosed Cargo Trailer

This 7’x16′ Formula Triumph enclosed cargo trailer is a perfect example. This one features 6-inch extra interior height, an 8,000-pound upgraded tongue jack, a summit-style rear ramp door, and sidewall vents. Currently listed at $7,795. 

5'x8' ATC Enclosed Cargo Trailer

If 7’x16′ is too big for your needs, you can go all the way down to a 5’x8′ (or anything in between). This 5’x8′ ATC enclosed cargo trailer is small enough to tow easily, but still able to hold plenty of tools and supplies. With rear cargo doors, stabilizer jacks, and a roof vent, this trailer is conveniently priced at $3,195. 

Dump Trailer

Another option is a dump trailer that can be used to haulaway debris. Often following natural disasters, this is one of the mostoverlooked details, but the longer debris sits on site, it can serve as a firehazard or decompose, so it’s best to get it hauled away in an environmentallyfriendly way.

7'x14' Sure-Trac Low Profile Dump Trailer

This 7’x14′ Sure-Trac low profile dump trailer makes it easy to load and unload equipment or debris. A heavy-duty tube frame and c-channel cross members provide superior payload capacity, while a Dual Ram hoist and a 14k GVWR make this a great dump trailer for the price. Currently listed at $8,395. 

8'x20' Big Tex Dump Trailer

If you are in need of a larger dump trailer, we also have this 8’x20′ Big Tex dump trailer on consignment. While it is used, it’s in great shape and features a 26k GVWR, a tandem dual gooseneck, heavy duty 10-gauge floor, and electric hydraulic scissor lift with 45-degree dump angle. This one is listed at $15,000.

Toy Hauler

Typically used for hunting, fishing, or camping, a toyhauler can serve as an ideal command center for your team following a naturaldisaster. With space in the rear to fit an ATV, canoes, or other equipment, abathroom with shower and a kitchen at the front of the trailer, and fold-downsleeper sofas in the middle, your team has what it needs to work, rest, eat,and clean up.

This 18-foot Stealth Nomad toy hauler isn’t yet on our website, but is on our lot and available for purchase. The biggest benefit of this one is that in addition to a toilet, sink, shower, and kitchen, it has heat and air conditioning so you and your team can comfortably recover after a hard day’s work. It also has a power awning that creates a patio for relaxing out front and a rear hide-a-screen that allows you to get fresh air inside the trailer without letting bugs in. The Nomad is priced at $24,295. 

 16-foot Formula Toy Hauler

This 16-foot Formula toy hauler is a lower-priced alternative that still offers a bathroom and sink, as well as a side awning and space inside to fit equipment. There is not a fold-down sleeper sofa in this one, but plenty of light to allow this trailer to serve as a command post for your team. This trailer is currently listed at $15,295.

Command Center Trailer

A beefed up version would be an actual command centertrailer, which includes office space and other essentials needed for running adisaster response project on-site.

We typically don’t stock command center trailers because of the custom nature of them, but we have sold dozens of them over the past few years. Command center trailers can include sleeper sofas, conference tables, work stations, generators, bathrooms, kitchens, interior and exterior lighting, and anything else you may need. 

17-foot mobile office trailer

We do currently have this 17-foot Diamond Components mobile office trailer that could be a nice and compact command center. It features a work desk, a small kitchen with fridge, microwave, and counter top, storage with cushion on top for sitting or sleeping, as well as heating and air conditioning. It’s also outfitted with an entertainment package that includes a 32-inch LED smart TV, JBL stereo with bluetooth, and JBL 150W dual cone marine speakers. It is priced at $22,195. 

Retail Trailer

A more outside the box option is a pop-up trailer or retail trailer.Normally used for selling food or goods out of at events, this can be a greatvehicle for distributing disaster relief supplies such as water, food, orclothing. With interior storage space, concession-style doors, and a rear rampdoor, this type of trailer can serve as a point of contact for those in need.

16-foot Formula Retail Trailer

This 16-foot Formula Triumph retail trailer is a nice option because it features a concession-style window, cabinets and counter top across the front, a rear ramp door, durable flooring, and a full-size side entry door. 

We also have a 16-foot Stealth retail trailer that has two concession windows and an 18-foot ATC retail trailer with dual concession windows. 

Vending Trailer

Finally, if you are interested in cooking and serving foodto those in need following a disaster, a BBQ trailer or food vending trailermay be the way to go. 

Like command center trailers, we typically don’t stock food trailers because they are so customized. The retail trailers shown above can be outfitted to serve as a food vending trailer, but you are probably better off ordering a fully custom food trailer. We have done plenty of food trailers, ranging from a 6’x12′ mobile coffee house to a 20-foot custom BBQ trailer to a 48-foot mobile kitchen and everything in between. 

As you can see, there is no shortage of options when it comes to disaster response and relief trailers. Advantage Trailer wants to be a source for organizations when it comes to helping those in need and we are proud to offer a wide variety of trailer solutions. Give us a call at 888-280-6695 or email us at to discuss how we can support your disaster relief efforts. 

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