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Fully Loaded Fiber Optic Splicing Trailers for Ultimate Durability

fiber optic splicing trailers

When youneed a fiber optic splicing trailer that's built for performance, rely on theprofessionals at Advantage Trailer. Our heavy-duty fiber trailer models are trusted by someof the most hardworking fiber splicing crews in the industry and are equipped to handlenumerous applications.

Fiber Optic TrailerOptions for Fiber Splicing On Site

We arepassionate about crafting well-built trailers that offer both durability andcomfort. Our fiber optictrailers are engineered for strength and feature thoughtfully designedinteriors that allow crews to maximize productivity in the field. Read on tolearn more about the unique benefits of our fully loaded units.

Why Do Crews Choose FiberOptic Trailers from Advantage Trailer?

Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame – We know that jobs often take youlong distance and on questionable terrain. We’ve engineered our trailers with aheavy-duty aluminum frame to ensure that it holds up under most conditions. Notmatter how many miles you rack up, your splicing trailer will remain reliable.

LED Lighting Throughout – Your interior workspace needs tobe well-lit to accommodate early morning or late night work. We’ve designedeach trailer with state-of-the-art LED lights throughout, including a highoutput LED light bar as well as exterior scene lights

Exterior Storage Compartments – Our fiber optic trailers are outfitted with weathertight exterior compartments. In addition to multiple shelves, cabinets, anddrawers in the trailers interior, you’ll enjoy the convenience of easy accessand added storage built into the frame.

Roomy Interior – Enjoy plenty of leg room underthe counter. We know that you work long hours under strenuous conditions whichis why we’ve designed our fibertrailers to allow you to sit and splice with extra comfort and all ofthe resources you need.

Find yourideal fiber opticssplicing trailer today! Give us a call or fill out our service request formto discuss your needs with one of our specialists.

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