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Know This Before Buying a Mobile Concession Trailer

mobile concession trailer

If you're interested in mobile concession trailers, then you probably havea specific goal you are reaching for. Whether you want to premier your ownunique culinary genius or bring a little joy to the people of your community,finding the right venue is important. To make sure you’re getting the right trailerfor you, there are some important things to keep in mind.

A Custom ConcessionTrailer is Best.

When investing in a concession trailer, you never want to makesacrifices. This will be your place of work and service, so getting everythingyou need not only makes things easier for you, you will put out a betterproduct for your consumers. That’s why you should always choose a custom concession trailerthat is designed with your individual needs in mind.

Design YourTrailer for Your Menu.

What will you need in order to prepare, store, and serveyour menu items? What kind of work space do you need? What other equipment isnecessary? Are you working with cooled or frozen foods, or do you need acomplete kitchen for cooking? Proper layout boosts your efficiency for a moreprofitable mobile concessions business, so you should always start your mobile concessions designby planning around your menu!

Keep to theHealth and Safety Codes.

It’s very important to make sure your concession trailer meetsall health and safety regulations including those posed by the NationalSanitation Foundation (NSF) as well as your local health department. Someregulations are standard such as a 3-compartment sink, a separate hand-washingsink, and proper cooking operations. However, there are many codes that varyfrom state to state so contacting your local health department is an early stepyou don’t want to miss.

Stay Safein Your Concession Trailer.

While safety is on your mind, don’t forget an emergency fireextinguishing system and possible back-up power generator. You might opt for afire suppression unit that will disperse a dry liquid powdered chemical whenyour cooking area exceeds a preset temperature. A generator is handy when youdo not want to rely on your vending location for power access.


You can have the best layout and the most amazing food andstill go unnoticed if the outside of your trailer fails to impress. Completeyour custom concessiontrailer with personalized graphics that will attract customers andcreate the brand image you’re going for!

Are YouReady to Hit the Road?

When you want a truly custom-designed mobiletrailer that will meet your individual needs while ensuring the best qualityand value for your money, go with Advantage Trailer! We know what it takes tocreate profitable mobile concession trailers, and we work hard toprovide the best service and pricing possible!

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