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Kroger Treasure EmporiYum Tour Strikes Gold With Two Advantage Stage Trailers

Kroger Treasure EmporiYum Stage Trailer

If you work for a brand or a marketing agency looking to make a splash with your next experiential marketing program, a trailer can help you do just that. AGAR, an experiential agency based in Cincinnati, Ohio, did so with not one, but two trailers for this summer’s Kroger Treasure EmporiYum tour.

AGAR initially reached out to us in February for a quote on a trailer and ultimately purchased two custom 26-foot stage trailers to anchor their tour.

The custom trailers featured 22 feet of usable interior space and four feet of storage space in the wedge nose. A power automated stage folds down on the curb side and steps provide an easy entry and exit point for consumers. Two smart arm power awnings provide shade over the stage and automatically retract in high winds. 

Kroger Treasure EmporiYum Stage Trailer

Inside the trailer, custom cabinets give the tour staff plenty of space to store product, while a full-size refrigerator allows them to keep product cold during events. Built-in air conditioning keeps the staff cool on hot days and power throughout the trailer gives them the ability to plug in freezer chests to hold frozen goods.

For these two trailers, The AGAR optioned out the rear stage in favor of a door for staff to enter and exit, but a rear fold-down stage is typically standard on stage trailers, providing additional usable space. 

Kroger Treasure EmporiYum Stage Trailer

Everything but the roof was wrapped to create the look of a ship sailing the open seas and a removable sign mounted to the walk-on roof gives brand visibility from long distance.

The Kroger Treasure EmperiYum tour kicked off at the Taste of Cincinnati over Memorial Day weekend and visited the Bunbury Music Festival the following weekend. It will activate at events across the Midwest and Denver throughout the summer.

Anyone in the industry knows the demands of events and festivals, and a trailer like this provides a highly engaging and welcoming space for consumers, a reprieve from the sun for event staff, a convenient and secure place to store product during the event and overnight, and the ability to get around town once the trailer is dropped on-site.

At Advantage Trailer, we offer a trailer leasing program as well as trailers for sale. A trailer lease is a great way to let your brand reap the benefits of a marketing trailer without the long-term commitment of storage and upkeep.

With 30 years in the trailer business and more than a decade of in-agency client service experience under our belt we can help you craft the perfect experiential marketing trailer to drive brand awareness or sales.

Give us a call at 888-280-6695 for a quote on an experiential marketing trailer today. 

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