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Mobile Kitchen Trailers for Your Food Truck Business

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Foodtrucks and concession stands are becoming more and more popular asentrepreneurs seek ways to get their culinary creations to the public. Unlikerestaurants, mobilekitchens over low overhead costs and can be transported toany popular location so that you never miss out on the crowds.

However, these mobile kitchens require unique designs andconstruction because they are far more advanced than your typical trailer. Inorder to create a stylish and practical food truck that meets health and safety codes, youshould let the professionals of Advantage Trailer fabricate your custom mobile kitchen.

Custom Engineered Mobile Kitchens

At Advantage Trailer, we take an ordinary trailer and customdesign and engineer it to meet the specific needs of each customer. For our mobile kitchen trailers,we install several key elements that allow you to run your food truck business effectively.The following are just a few of the options we can fit in your trailer:

  • Stoves, grills, ovens, etc.
  • Surfaces for food preparation
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Well-sealed food storage
  • Water storage
    And much more!

Branded Exterior Designs

When it comes to food trucks, the exterior is just asimportant as the kitchen because that is the first impression your customersget. If your exterior doesn't communicate your brand and values, we can helpyou improve its appearance. Our talented designers can help put your company’slogo on the outside of your mobilekitchen trailer so that your customers can spot you amongst thecompetition. We also offer several beautiful colors so that the entire exteriorcomplements your logo and branding.

Matching Trucks or Fleets

If you already have a food truck and want to expand yourservices with another trailer, we have you covered. In the past, we have helpedseveral successful concession stand owners create matching trailers or entirefleets based on their existing stands. You can sit down with our designers todiscuss everything that you want to remain the same across all of your concession trailers. Ifthere’s anything you wish were different on your current trailer, we can makethose improvements throughout the rest of your fleet.

Find out more about how we can help you create your customfood truck by getting in touch with Advantage Trailer today. You can speak witha friendly call representative about our different concession trailers, or youcan fill out our online form to request a free quote for your custom-designedtrailer.

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