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Mobile Testing Trailers Could Help Local Hospitals and Health Facilities

With the spread ofCoronavirus and the rapid cancellation of public events comes the need formobile labs, drive-thru testing facilities, triage centers, and command trailers and we have a solution. AtAdvantage Trailer, we have sold these types of trailers in the past to hospitals, public health organizations,and private companies, and the current circumstances underscore the need formore of them now.

Prior to joining Advantage,one of our sales managers, Brian Simandl, spent more than 30 years in theTri-State Fire Protection District, first as a Lieutenant, and later as a Fire Inspectorand Investigator. He also participated in and facilitated disaster responsetrainings and scenarios with local and national emergency services groups.

He described the need forhospitals and other health facilities to protect the general public from anyhazard, whether it is a chemical exposure or a health hazard.

“Ideally, in a situation likethis, hospitals should have detached triage facilities to test and assesspatients before they ever enter the hospital,” Simandl said. “That way, theycan direct those who are infected – in this case, with Coronavirus – to acontainment area of the hospital rather than risk spreading it.”

Unfortunately, many hospitalsaren't currently set up for that type of system, but that’s where we can help. Whilewe may not have the time to build a new mobile lab trailer or mobile command trailer from scratch, we canabsolutely upfit the trailers we have on our lot.

In doing so, we can allowhospitals, local health facilities, and other similar organizations to quicklydeploy mobile triage labs to meet the ever growing need and hopefully help controlthe spread of the virus.

One option we currently haveon our lot is a 17-foot office trailer that could serve perfectly as a mobiledoctor’s office with an desk and chair for the nurse and a doored entryway forpatients. It also has heat and air conditioning.

Another good option would bean 18-foot Stealth Nomad, which is equipped with heat and air conditioning, abathroom, and kitchenette. The toy hauler nature of this trailer allows for itto be easily cleaned as well.

If you need a mobile lab, drive-thru testing trailer, or command trailer, don’t hesitate to give us a call at630-524-2029 and we’ll do our best to come up with a solution. 

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