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New Experiential Marketing Trailers Available Now

As 2020 winds down and the promise of a new year draws closer, brands and marketing agencies are in full swing planning for 2021. While we still don’t know how long the impact of Covid-19 will be felt in the events industry, we do know several brands are still activating mobile tours and other in-person consumer events.

We have stocked up on our experiential marketing stage trailers so we can be a solution for brands and agencies looking to hit the road next spring or summer. In the month of November, we have received three new stage trailers that we will highlight below.

24’ Flat Front Experiential Marketing Stage Trailer

This trailer features a 15’ main stage, 16’ power awning, fold-up railings on both the main stage and the rear stage, a tongue-mounted generator box (generator not included but can be optioned extra), and fixed up-and-over ladder to a walk-on roof. Upper and lower front cabinets provide product storage and a side entry door on the non-stage side allows for entry to the trailer without having to put the stage down.

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24’ Wedge Nose Experiential Marketing Stage Trailer

This trailer is similar to the trailer above, but features a wedge nose instead of a flat front. The benefit of a wedge nose is a small “utility room” for your staff at the front of the trailer, allowing you to store productor lock up staff valuables while on-site.

The stage on this trailer is 14’ and the awning is 16’. Only the main stage has fold-up railings. The generator compartment is built into the wedge nose and accessible from the non-stage side exterior. The actual generator is not included but can be optioned extra.

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24’ Flat Front Experiential Marketing Stage TrailerBlacked Out

The third new stage trailer we have is very similar to the flat front above, but this one has a blackout color scheme with a silver interior. This makes it a great option if it matches your brand’s colors, allowing you to save costs on a graphic wrap by using spot graphics instead.

The main stage is 15’ and the awning is 16’. The generator compartment is built into the non-stage side, giving you an L-shaped lower cabinet and countertop at the front of the trailer to store product or premiums.

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If interested, contact us for a quote now!

Stage trailers never last long on our lot, so if your brand or agency is considering a mobile tour trailer as part of your experiential strategy for 2021, don’t delay. We can give you a quote to lease or purchase, as well as any graphic wrap or interior buildout you need.

Please call 630-524-2029 or email

We also have a few used marketing trailers available to lease.

28’ Mobile Retail Trailer

This trailer was previously used as an officially licensed NFL gameday shop in Houston, Texas. It comes with interior slat wall, front cabinets, a mini fridge, great interior lighting, a portable point-of-sale counter, a TV, a tongue-mounted generator box, swing-open front doors with steps and an awning.

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24’ Flat Front Experiential Marketing Stage Trailer

This is our most used stage trailer, but it’s in great shape! It has been used as a trade show booth in Las Vegas, a stage for a band at the Farm Progress Show, and a stage for the Goodman Theater to perform at parks throughout Chicago, to name a few.

It has a 15’ stage and 16’ power awning, upper and lower front cabinets, but it no longer has the railings that are shown in the photos.

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8.5’ by 11’ Display Trailer

This unique display trailer was used by Meijer as part of their back to school program, allowing students at college campuses across the Midwest to Facetime their parents via the mounted TVs, purchase items that were displayed, and have them shipped to their dorm room or apartment.

Product display grid racks are mounted just inside the clear glass along with 4 TVs, and two locking doors keep the product safe while allowing staff to change it out as needed. There are two flip-up signs on top of the trailer and the whole base has a lockable sub-basement for storage. The tongue is also removable to save space at events.

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Cargo Trailers

Any of our cargo trailers can be purchased or leased to haul product or event supplies for your mobile tour or event. View our inventory to see what we have available.

Custom Trailers

Finally, if you have the time and need something other than what is shown above, we can custom build a trailer to your exact needs and specs. The spring Covid shutdowns combined with the residual product shortages have increased lead times across the industry, but if you get the process started early we can help you create a tour trailer experience that will allow you to showcase your brand next summer.

Please call 630-524-2029 or email

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