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Pennsylvania State Police Using Concession Trailer to Help Fund Youth Camps

While the bad news tends to make the headlines, a goodpolice force makes a positive impact on the community in which it serves. Beyondwriting traffic tickets and arresting bad guys, building public trust throughcommunity programs can make a big difference, and that's the case with thePennsylvania State Police, which is now in its 35th year runningTroop N Camp Cadet.

Founded in 1986, Troop N Camp Cadet is an annual week-longco-ed camp for 12- to 14-year old residents of Luzerne, Carbon, Columbia, andMonroe counties.

The stated goal is to “teach participants aspects of thediverse criminal justice system, focusing on discipline, self-esteem, teamwork,character, violence prevention, and drug and alcohol education, as well asissues facing today’s youth.”

It is completely funded through corporate and privatedonations – no funding is received from federal or state entities – andtypically has around 100 participants a year.

Another initiative run by the Troop N Community ServicesUnit is the annual Sunny Day Camp, an educational and interactive day at thePocono Raceway for the special needs and disabled community to interact withlaw enforcement and emergency responders in a positive and inviting atmosphere.

This year, Camp Cadet Troop N board president Jeffrey Masonpurchased a 16-foot Formula concession trailer from Advantage Trailer to sellmerchandise. The money raised from the sale of branded shirts, hats, and otheritems helps fund the camps.

“We were selling merchandise at several events out ofcontainers,” Mason explained. “This was good for one or two events but as westarted to do more we realized we needed a better way of doing this.”

He did a google search for merchandise trailers andAdvantage Trailer came up. Salesman Brian Simandl ordered a concession trailerfrom Formula and had custom cubbies built to meet Mason’s specifications.

“I could not have asked for a better experience fromstart to finish,” Mason said. “Working with Brian was great. From building todelivery, the people at Advantage Trailer were great. We had some specialrequest that weren’t going to be easy and somehow Advantage Trailer managed toget them done.”

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