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The Event Industry Has Changed. Let’s Work Through This Together

With event cancellations and business shutdowns, greatuncertainty abounds across the United States and the impact is being felt inthe event industry. With no large events to attend, brands and experientialmarketing agencies aren't activating, which means it’s also affecting thetrailer industry as those brands and agencies can’t use experiential marketing trailers.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t still work together during this time –remotely, of course – to prepare for when life gets back to normal.

Whether the shutdowns last until May or June or further, wecan still plan to ensure we don’t miss a beat this summer and fall. Those brands andagencies that are ready to mobilize as soon as events resume will haveincreased consumer attention because Americans will be craving a return tonormal.

Most events being canceled this spring — Coachellaand the KentuckyDerby, for example — are being rescheduled for this fall, providing us all a light at theend of the tunnel. As hard as it is to picture right now, imagine thecollective breath of fresh air our nation will take when we can freely go backto restaurants and bars, malls and community events, concerts and sportingevents.

That’s why brands that do the work now will benefit in a fewmonths, and that’s also where we can help.

A typical trailer build takes 8-12 weeks from time ofsign-off, and even longer when the pre-planning back-and-forth – the quoting,the mock-ups, the fine-tuning – is considered. So even if events were still happening, you wouldn’t be able to use your experiential marketing trailer right now anyway unless you started this process before Christmas.

Using this down time to put your experiential marketingtrailer in motion – get quotes, create mock-ups, and green-light the buildprocess – will put you in a great position to recover this fall. If you waituntil the event ban is lifted to begin the process, you will miss out on thatevent surge.

There really is no reason not to do your due diligence now.With no events to go to and plenty of time on our hands, it’s the perfect timeto plan for what’s to come. 

If you and/or your client are willing to plan ahead duringthis time, let’s talk. Give me a call at 630-524-2029 or email me at

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