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Trailers Available to Lease for Mobile Tours

Baylor University's Dr Pepper Hour mobile tour

Each new year brings renewed hopes, new resolutions, and fresh marketing budgets. Three weeks into 2022, many brands and experiential marketing agencies are hard at work building out their upcoming experiential campaigns.

One of the many experiential tactics is a mobile tour, and a trailer is a great way to take your products on the road. But with the world still facing supply chain shortages, those who plan accordingly will benefit the most.

In the pre-Covid days, a custom trailer could be built in 2-4months, which was great for experiential agencies looking to launch a tour in April or May. These days, 8-12 months is more realistic, which means if you didn’t start the process last summer you aren’t getting a new custom trailer by spring.

The good news is we have trailers available to lease, or we can take any trailer we have on our lot and outfit it for your needs. Here are a few ideas:

For large-scale product sampling:

26' BBQ Trailer

This 26’ BBQ trailer is perfect for product sampling programs. With a large serving window, three-basin sink and separate handwashing sink, interior cabinets and prep counter, and a 10-foot porch for cooking equipment, your CPG brand can make a splash.

In fact, Hormel used this very trailer for a successful mobile tour last summer featuring barbecue legend Moe Cason.

The trailer also has air conditioning to keep your staff cool on those hot summer days.

For small-scale product sampling:

8.5'x16' Vending Trailer

If your mobile tour needs a smaller and nimbler trailer to sample your product from, this 8.5’x16’ vending trailer should do the trick. It has a large flip-up serving window, interior storage cabinets, a rear ramp door, and a side entry door. The 8.5-foot width makes it perfect for storing plenty of product as you travel between markets.

An even smaller option is this 7’x12’ concession trailer, which has a vending window, sinks, good interior lighting, exterior scene lighting, and a side entry door. Aside from the sinks, the front is open for you to install a fridge, freezer, or whatever type of equipment you need for a successful activation.

For mobile retail programs:

18' Mobile Retail Trailer

If you have a brand looking to showcase products without sampling, consider a mobile retail trailer like this 18′ mobile retail trailer which has slatwall throughout the interior, a hidden front storage compartment, built-in seating, and an exterior awning.

Another option is this 8.5’x16’ vending trailer. It also has a flip-up vending window, but the interior has two half-wall partitions which make it convenient to hang and display product. This could be great as a small merchandise trailer at a festival or sporting event.

For all types of activations:

24' Stage Trailer

Stage trailers are the most versatile type of trailer for experiential marketing purposes. They can be used for any of the activation types above, as well as trade shows, festivals, and more. The main stage folding down creates a welcoming environment for consumers to come grab a sample or learn more about your product. Combined with the rear ramp door being used as a stage, it doubles your usable footprint.

We currently have a 24′ stage trailer available to lease. It has a white exterior with a 15′ main stage, front interior cabinets, and a 16′ awning.

A stage trailer has additional benefits at festivals and events, such as being able to close up quickly and secure your product in the event of inclement weather, easy set-up and breakdown, and “always-on” visibility when traveling in between markets.

If none of these options work for your needs, we can fabricate any trailer we currently have on our lot.

For example, this past fall we took a fiber optic splicing trailer and cut out a serving window so Baylor University could use the trailer for their Dr. Pepper Hour sampling tour across Texas.

Another example would be if you need a large sampling trailer but don’t want the 10’ porch that the BBQ trailer has. We could easily modify a24’ or 28’ car hauler by finishing out the interior, cutting out a vending window, and more. If you need a cargo trailer simply to haul product we have plenty of those too.

Look at our current inventory to see if something could work for your program. We love working with brands and experiential marketing agencies. While lead times may have changed over the past couple of years, our commitment to getting you exactly what you need to execute a successful mobile tour will never change.

I spent two years on the road and 10 years in-office at a pair of experiential agencies in New York and Chicago prior to coming over to Advantage Trailer. I have planned and executed campaigns for Kettle Brand, Evolution Fresh, Verizon, AT&T, Sea Cuisine, Dasani, Welch’s, Grey Goose, and more. I know the budgets, timelines, and demands you face, which makes Advantage a valuable partner.

Give me a call at 630-524-2029 or email

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