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We Can Build ANYTHING.

Err, anything that involves trailers, that is.

Advantage Trailer has been in the customization business for nearly 25 years. Our founders and the professionals who followed them are skilled craftsman – designing and implementing high-quality, custom exhibit trailers that can be used as concession stands, mobile marketing displays, mobile kitchen trailers and virtually anything else in between.

Rely on our staff for not only their design expertise, but also their marketing knowledge! The professionals at Advantage Trailer can help you make sound marketing decisions that will showcase your products and/or services in the best possible way. We've worked with major organizations and companies, including Wild Turkey, Microsoft and even national baseball teams. Below you’ll find some examples of our work:

Chicago Cubs Concession Trailer

This custom-built and designed trailer is on full-display at Wrigley Field in Chicago. Elegantly designed and masterfully crafted, this trailer now serves as an official MLB apparel retailer grossing thousands of dollars per day. Enlist our help at Advantage and we’ll help you build a captivating concession trailer of your own!


Glass Display Custom Trailer

A glass display trailer by Advantage is safe, versatile and custom-built to showcase any vehicle you own. Perfect for indoor and outdoor auto shows, these glass, custom mobile tour trailer make showing off your vehicle virtually effortless as you’ll never have to pull the car out again. We also offer custom lighting solutions.


Microsoft Xbox Kinect Trailer

Advantage Trailer was proud to be a part of Microsoft’s worldwide mobile marketing campaign for Xbox Kinect. We built multiple exhibit trailers that were designed to attract and hold the attention of the masses as Microsoft released the latest and greatest in gaming. You can rely on us to give you a fresh, unique presence in the market – regardless of where in the world that market may be.

For more information on mobile marketing tour trailers and the customizable options Advantage Trailer offers, please call us today to speak with a knowledgeable Customer Support Rep!

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