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Which Cargo Trailer is Right for Me? Comparing the Formula Traverse and Triumph

Formula Traverse or Formula Triumph

There are plenty of cargo trailer options on the market from several different manufacturers, but today we’re going to take a look at two similar enclosed cargo trailer models from Formula, the Traverse and the Triumph, that come in at different price points.

Formula is a 2-year old company based in Bristol, Ind. and prides itself on being a value-driven, progressive, and innovative company. We have been selling Formula trailers for over a year and have found them to be quality cargo trailers that work well for our customers and offer enough standard features to be worth the price but also optionable upgrades to meet a wide variety of needs.

Formula Traverse

The Traverse is Formula’s entry-level enclosed cargo trailer and comes in both flat or v-nose configurations. Formula describes the Traverse as “an entry-level enclosed trailer with plenty of standards to make hauling an effortless experience.” 

With sizes ranging from 5’x8′ all the way up to 8.5’x24′ the Traverse has options for everyone at a price point that is easy on the wallet. Customers can choose from white, black, charcoal, or pewter .024 aluminum exterior, with matte black available as an upgraded option. Upgraded .030 exterior is also an option. Being a budget trailer, the screws are visible, but Formula color-matches white and black screws on the white and black exteriors, and zinc screws on the other colors.

The v-nose has an 18-inch slant wedge with 16-inch stone guard. The Jeep style aluminum tread plate fenders and radial tires with a chrome center cap are also standard on the Traverse.

Formula uses aluminum frame side doors, which is uncommon on an entry-level trailer, and all-LED tail lights, clearance lights, and interior dome lights. One interior dome light comes standard, but more can be added. Side wall vents are not included standard in the Traverse, but can be optioned.

Customers can choose a rear ramp door or cargo doors, and the rear ramp door is trimmed out for a nicer look.

The interior comes standard with 7/16-inch OSB wall liner and an aluminum tread plate finish. The roof is a one-piece aluminum.

Formula prides itself on being a value-driven company and the Traverse is a good quality value trailer at an affordable price.

Formula Triumph

The Triumph is a higher-end enclosed cargo trailer built for versatility, safety, and strength. Formula describes the Triumph as a cargo trailer that “comes in a wide range of sizes and a feature rich lineup of standards to meet the needs of your haul and your destination — all packaged in a solid construction that won’t break the budget.”

Sizes range from 5’x8′ to 8.5’x26′, which means there are trailers for every intended use. The Triumph comes with the same white, black, charcoal, and pewter exterior aluminum options as the Traverse, but also offers silver, champagne, indigo blue, brandywine, and victory red as standard choices. Matte black is an upgrade option. The aluminum is a standard .030 screwless exterior on the Triumph for a more premium look.

Like the Traverse, the Triumph has a one-piece aluminum roof, but it has a slightly longer 24-inch slant wedge and a 24-inch slanted stone guard. It also has an aluminum tread plate nose, which the Traverse doesn’t have, to help keep debris from hitting the aluminum.

The aluminum frame side entry door on the Triumph has an RV flush lock instead of the bar lock and aluminum door hold backs. The radial tires have chrome trim rings and chrome center caps for a nicer look.

Side wall vents and LED bullet lights are standard on the Triumph, whereas they were upgrades on the Traverse. Like the Traverse, the rear ramp door is trimmed out to provide a finished product. Customers can choose double rear doors instead of a ramp door at no extra cost.

On the interior, the Triumph features 3/8-inch high performance walls and 3/4-inch high performance floors. It comes standard with two LED dome lights.

For those looking for a more finished trailer and more included standard features, the Triumph is a great higher-end option at a still reasonable price point.


Both the Formula Traverse and Formula Triumph are great enclosed cargo trailers with plenty of sizes and options to choose from depending on your budget and intended use. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of standard features on each model.

Formula Traverse vs Formula Triumph Comparison

If you are interested in a Formula Traverse or Formula Triumph, please give us a call at 630-524-2029 today. We typically carry them in stock, so please view our current inventory

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