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Primitive Pits

Primitive Pits Rental

Cracklin’ Rosie is a 500-gallon Primitive Pits smoker trailer available to rent in the greater Chicago area.


You can’t hit a home run in Wrigley Field or score a touchdown on Soldier Field. Nor can you check someone into the boards or sink a three in the United Center. But you can cook on the same smoker used by many of the Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ joints, James Beard finalists, national chefs of the year, and several other BBQ institutions!

What’s the big deal about Cracklin’ Rosie?

Primitive Pits at DePaul University

Smoker Rental in Chicagoland

It may look big and intimidating, but a 500-gallon Primitive Pits offset smoker is really easy to use. And the food it produces is incredible.

Each rental comes with fire management tools, a drip bucket and hot coal bucket, and either instructions or an on-site tutorial on how to use it.

Don’t have a truck to pull it? No problem. We can deliver Rosie to you and pick up after your rental, anywhere within the greater Chicago area. We can also provide wood with your rental if needed.

One of the Best in the Industry

Primitive Pits were built utilizing computational fluid dynamics, allowing even convection with a standard of plus or minus 5 degrees.

Sure, that’s a big word, but it means this offset smoker holds and moves heat extraordinarily well, allowing the user to cook fantastic barbecue. The large firebox lets you move your wood around and the tall smoke stack provides excellent draw to keep the smoke moving.

Here’s a great podcast with JD from Primitive Pits that tells the story.

Primitive Pits rental - best in the industry
Primitive Pits rental - cooking space

Plenty of Cooking Space

Whether you’re cooking for a small family gathering, a big company event, or a large catering gig, there is plenty of space inside the smoker for all your food.

It can hold:

  • 12-15 briskets
  • 30+ pork butts
  • 50 racks of ribs
  • Lots of wings or sausage links
  • Several full-sized stainless-steel pans

Unlimited Uses

There is no shortage of ways this smoker can be used, such as:

  • Catering
  • Pop-Ups
  • Community Festivals
  • Block Parties
  • Family Reunions
  • Golf Course Events
  • School Fundraisers
  • Tailgates
  • BBQ Competitions
Primitive Pits rental at McCormick Woods

Happy Customers Who Have Rented Rosie

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