Taylor in a Trailer

Taylor in a Trailer

Taylor in a Trailer

You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf, but what about…


The queen, Taylor Swift, paid us a visit on Dec. 1 and decided she was going to stay a while. Every day up until Christmas she’s posing in a different trailer on our lot.

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Dec. 1

First day of December! Look who showed up at the office today and hung a new sign above the front door.

Dec. 2

She’s still here! Found her sleeping in our ATC Sto 350 when we came in this morning. Guess we’re in our Swiftie era now.

Dec. 3

Isn’t that cute. The Chiefs play the Packers tonight, so Taylor’s pushing Travis Kelce gear in Chicagoland out of our 8.5’x16′ Discovery vending trailer.

Dec. 4

Uh oh. Taylor’s down in the dumps again after that Chiefs loss last night. Is another breakup song coming?

Dec. 5

Well isn’t that cool! Taylor is supporting the US Women’s National Team ahead of their final match of the season tonight by playing a pickup game in our 24′ ATC stage trailer.

Dec. 6

Apparently, Taylor had to get in on the Eras Tour gingerbread house Tiktok trend herself inside our 23′ office trailer from Recreation By Design.

Dec. 7

No idea what he did to her, but it looks like Taylor and The Grinch are never, ever, ever, ever, getting back together. Like, ever.

Dec. 8

You just never know where Taylor’s going to turn up on any given day. Apparently, she prefers hiding in plain sight, like inside our ATC fiber splicing trailer.

Dec. 9

Taylor’s checking in on the service team today. She gave the guys some sage advice: “I check it once, then check it twice, oh! Look what you made me do.”

Dec. 10

Two weeks from Christmas Eve and Taylor’s getting into the Christmas spirit by hanging the stockings by the trailer with care. Guess Santa will be coming through the escape door this year.

Dec. 11

Caught Taylor searching for Super Bowl tickets inside our Recreation By Design office trailer. Interesting timing after that Chiefs loss last night 🤔

Dec. 12

Looks like Taylor’s in her Red era today inside one of our Discovery cargo trailers.

Dec. 13

Our sales guys joined Taylor for a karaoke birthday party in our 5×10 Custom Tailgate Trailer to celebrate her 34th birthday today!

Dec. 14

Our girl Taylor wants you to know she’s a mirrorball shimmering beautiful inside our 24′ Discovery car hauler today.

Dec. 15

Taylor’s doing some light reading while getting ready inside one of our office trailers.

Dec. 16

Another Saturday of Taylor in the shop supervising the boys!

Dec. 17

One week from Christmas Eve and Taylor’s feeling the Christmas vibes inside an ATC Trailers Stō 350 adventure cargo trailer.

Dec. 18

Our friends, The Empty Pockets had a surprise visitor at their City Winery Chicago show last night. She was so impressed with their performance that Nate found her sneaking into their trailer! Is this the start of the Empty Pockets Era?

Dec. 19

It’s me, hi. I’m the problem, it’s me.

Dec. 20

Look out, Travis, Taylor had a lunch date in our 26′ Discovery BBQ Trailer today and this dude pulled out all the stops.

Dec. 21

Taylor wants you to know that we will be closed on Monday (Christmas Day) and Tuesday, Dec. 26th.

Dec. 22

Never in his Wildest Dreams did Zach, one of our sales guys, think he would get to be with Taylor standin’ in a nice dress, starin’ at the sunset, babe.

Dec. 23

Dec. 24