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The Chicagoland area is notorious for its harsh winters. Each and every year, the roads become covered with snow and ice, making driving more hazardous than ever. Thankfully, Advantage Trailer carries Western snow removal equipment so you can take plowing and salting into your own hands. Whatever you need to battle winter conditions – whether it’s a snow plow or snow spreader – you can get it from us. Best of all, we will happily install these accessories for you as well!

Western, a Milwaukee-based company that has been in business for over 60 years, has been leading the industry with top-tier snow plow and salt spreader equipment and machinery. A division of Douglas Dynamics Group, this business provides you with everything you need to make the roads safer during the winter months. From 8-foot-wide, half-ton snow plows to low profile tailgate salt spreaders; Western has some of the most advanced equipment and machinery for combatting slippery roads.

Snow Removal Equipment

Deciding on the right snow removal equipment isn’t easy. Because of our partnership with Western, our professionals have become experts in snow plow accessories and can point you to the products that will suit your needs. Here is some of the Western snow removal equipment we offer:

  • The Western HTS Half-Ton Snow Plow
  • The Western Suburbanite Snow Plow
  • The Western Low Profile Tailgate Salt Spreader 1000 and 2500 Series
  • Western Midweight Steel Blade Plow
  • Western Midweight Poly Blade Plow
  • Western Pro Plows Steel and Poly Blade
  • And Much More!

Shop Snow Removal Equipment

Be fully prepared to plow before the first snowflake hits the ground. Equip yourself with Western snow removal equipment to you can make the roads safe for yourself and others. Call Advantage Trailer today or fill out our online form to receive your free quote!