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Based in Nappanee, Ind., ATC offers cargo trailers, car haulers, toy haulers, and commercial trailers from one of the most reputable brands in the business


You go where you want and bring what you want. ATC gets that. ATC makes RVs and trailers to haul any cargo, including your favorite toys and vehicles, with living space for you if you choose.

What Sets ATC Apart?

ATC Trailers

Leaders in Aluminum Trailers

Founded in 1999, ATC stands for Aluminum Trailer Company. Over the past two decades, ATC has built a reputation for quality and durability in the fully welded all-aluminum base frames and wall structures that they specialize in. This allows trailers to be lighter, higher quality, and more durable than steel frame trailers. Yes, they build steel trailers too.

Built to Last

The fully welded 6-sided frame and one-piece aluminum roof, are built using BuildPro modular fixed weld tables to produce robust, precision frames. ATC also boasts engineers and R&D teams that are continuously innovating. All of this adds up to a trailer that holds its resale value as well as any trailer on the market.

ATC Trailers - built to last
ATC Trailers - versatility

Designed with Versatility in Mind

While their quality has remained consistent, ATC hasn’t stopped evolving. Their trailers are built with versatility in mind, to accommodate customers’ ever-changing lifestyles and needs. Look no further than their proprietary ATC LifeTrac system.

Stand Behind their Products

With high-quality trailers that are built to last for decades, a nationwide dealer network, and a great warranty program, ATC truly stands behind its products. In the event that you need service or repair to your trailer, we at Advantage Trailer are prepared to get you back on the road as quickly as possible — whether you purchased your trailer from us or not!

ATC Trailers - Stand Behind their Products
Advantage and ATC

Partners since 2004

Advantage Trailer has been a close partner of ATC since the early days. We consistency rank among their top 10 dealers and sell more ATC trailers each year than any other brand. But we value the relationships we have more than the numbers. We often join ATC at trade shows, such as PRI and Exhibitor Live. Those relationships allow us both to serve our customers the best way possible.

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Past ATC Trailers We’ve Sold

Get inspiration from ATC trailers we’ve sold in the past. If you see something you like that isn’t in-stock, we can custom order it for you. For more info, please complete our Custom Trailer Inquiry form or call us at 630-580-5840.

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