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3 Unique Ways Brands are Using Trailers Right Now

Like you, we’re craving a return tonormal.

Instead of another newsletter trying to forecast what our industry mightlook like when the shutdown is over, we’re going to share a few relevantprojects that we’ve been working on with brands over the past few weeksas a way to inspire you as your clients begin to ramp up activationplanning.

These three trailers show three unique ways of using an experientialmarketing trailer to stretch a brand’s budget, because we’re all aboutbeing a partner that provides value to our clients rather than simplymaking a quick buck.

1. BlackQuail Apparel Mobile Retail Trailer

>>> Using color to match your brand and save budget

Believeit or not, brands are still moving forward during the Covid-19 shutdown.One of those brands is Texas-based golf apparel company, Black Quail Apparel,who purchased this 24-foot stage trailer to use as a mobile retail storeand tasting booth for their sister brand Flecha Azul Tequila at localevents and PGA Tour events.

We had started the conversation prior to the shutdown and the initialplan was for the trailer to be ready in early April to launch at TheMasters in Augusta, Ga. While that plan fell through, the brand neverwavered in moving forward with the trailer, and now they will befavorably positioned to activate when the shutdown is lifted.

Many of us in the experiential marketing industry are used to fullgraphic wraps on mobile vehicles, but this trailer is a great example ofreducing costs while still standing out. Graphic wraps are expensive. Butchanging the color of your trailer — both exterior and interior — is acost-effective way to match your brand look without breaking thebank. 

In this case, the full matte black exterior, interior walls, and trimpackage fits Black Quail perfectly, and they supplemented with some spotgraphics to convey brand messaging. Matte black is an upgrade option tothe standard colors available, but that upgrade cost is stillconsiderably less expensive than a full wrap.

In short, your trailer doesn’t have to be white, and by changing thecolors and just using spot graphics, you can put more of you budgettoward working dollars. Of course, we’re happy to wrap it for you if youwant a full wrap.

2. CoreRhythm Pilates Mobile Studio Trailer

>>> Windows and a raised deck for one cohesive space full of naturallight

Anotherbrand that hasn’t let the shutdown slow them down is Core Rhythm Pilatesin upstate New York. While their physical studio has been temporarilyclosed, they have moved forward with their mobile pilates studiotrailer, which is now finished and on its way to Canandaigua, NY as wespeak.

What’s special about this trailer? Quite a bit, actually.

For starters, it’s a deckover stage trailer, which means it’s raisedabove the wheels so that when the main stage folds down, it is onesmooth, flat surface, rather than the wheel well being in the way. Thisis perfect for a pilates studio, but would also greatly benefit consumerflow for your activation. 

The other great feature of this trailer is the nearly floor-to-ceilingwindows on the non-stage side. This can be done to any trailer we buildand allows great natural light into your activation space. Just look howopen and inviting this trailer looks! 

Of course, further customization can be done to finish it off, such asperimeter skirting to hide the jacks underneath the trailer and a graphicwrap or spot graphics for branding, but you get the picture.

3. HeavenHill Distillery Mobile Tour Trailer

>>> Purchasing a previously used trailer to reduce upfront costs

Thisisn’t always an available option, but when it is it’s a great way to reduceyour upfront costs on an experiential marketing trailer. Sometimes brandsor agencies sell their marketing trailers back to us after their mobiletour and we’re happy to buy them back if they are still in goodshape. 

Heaven Hill Distillery took advantage of a great deal and got a 26-footwedge nose stage trailer that was already outfitted with a custom acrylicglass wall over the stage-side wheel well. Because they bought itpreviously used they were able to save upfront costs and reduce theamount of customization needed to make it work for their brand.

The team plans to use interchangeable SEG-style graphics to fit itsvarious brands as it activates at festivals on the East Coast oncethey’re back up and running. We can’t wait to see it in action.

If you have a marketing trailer that is still in good shape we are happyto buy it back from you at fair market value to help you get an asset offyour books and recoup some costs to your bottom line.


Every traileris different. While it starts as a shell with wheels and walls, it’sultimately what your brand makes of it. Your brand brings it to life, andas described above, you can select from a variety of color options, youcan have the deck raised to allow for one continuous floor with no wheelwell, you can add windows to provide more natural light, and you can sellit back to us after you are done using it (and buy used from us if wehave one in stock).

Those are just a few of the many options available to make your trailer,well, yours. 

At AdvantageTrailer, we have more than 30 years of trailer fabrication expertise andmore than a decade of in-agency experiential marketing experience. We cantruly be your partner in helping you select and design the right trailerfor your brand’s needs.

Give us a callat 630-524-2029 or email tostart the conversation. 

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