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5 Uses for a Short-Term Trailer Rental in Chicago

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At some point, everyone needs to move a large load, heavy equipment, or even set up a temporary mobile office on a remote jobsite. When this happens, don’t buy a trailer, instead save money with Chicago trailer rental solutions. Here are five ways in which a rental trailer from Advantage Trailer that will make your life easier.

#1 Chicago Trailer Rental for a Move

A household or corporate move goes much more smoothly with the right equipment. Rather than paying a lot for a van rental, you may consider a trailer. The average utility trailer works especially well for those who already own a truck and just need a little more storage space.

#2 Rent a Trailer for Mobile Marketing

If you are planning an event or outing to promote your brand, go with a mobile marketing rental trailer in Chicago. We have fully enclosed trailers that can be used as portable offices, for storage, or to move equipment in. Plus, our trailers provide a little extra shade at outdoor festivals and events.

#3 Trailers are the Ideal Command Center

Set up a command center at your construction site or during a festival where everyone can meet up. You can go all out with a mobile command vehicle featuring built-in furniture, toilets, and even a minikitchen. For those who only need a place to meet and store paperwork, a smaller mobile office trailer works well – and for a selection of trailer rentals, Chicago’s Advantage Trailer has the options.

#4 Take a Trailer to the Flea Market

Those who make some or all of their income from flea marketing can increase their inventory dramatically with our equipment and open trailer rentals in Chicago. These inexpensive trailers allow you to pick up new inventory and bring along extra inventory to sell. Plus, Advantage Trailer offers seasonal rentals so you can rent one for the summer and turn it in when the season is over.

#5 Haul Equipment in a Rental Trailer

Small business owners, such as landscapers and pool cleaners have to bring their equipment along to each client’s house. You can keep everything safe and secure in one of our haulers. These enclosed rentals keep lawnmowers, accessories, and even chemicals out of your personal vehicle too. Renting is a great option for those who have just started up their business and may have an interest in purchasing a trailer when they get more clients.

When your needs don’t warrant purchasing a trailer, visit our rental facility just outside of Chicago, to find the ideal rental trailer for your short-term needs. Advantage Trailer team members can help you with trailer rentals in Chicago for a few days or weeks. We have various trailer types available for a range of needs. If you like what you rent, you can buy it later from our extensive inventory!

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