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Advantage Trailer’s Top 10 Custom Trailers of 2019

We sell and fabricate hundreds of trailers per year, from open utility trailers to car haulers to marketing trailers and everything in between. This December, we took a look back at the custom trailers that were our favorites over the past year. Here are the top 10 that made the cut.

10. National Grid First Responders Training Trailer

What better way to train first responders than by taking an interactive trailer directly to them? That’s what National Grid in upstate New York is doing with this 24-foot stage trailer. Outfitted with a whole gas line distribution model, National Grid takes the trailer to local fire departments throughout the region, training first responders on how to handle natural gas leaks, gas fires, and other related dangers. With more than 90 trainings conducted since June, the program has been so successful they’re looking to bring one downstate.

9. Harbor Hill Mobile Wine Bottling Trailer

Disruption is a key element of experiential marketing and Harbor Hill Fruit Farms took a major step toward disrupting the Midwest wine industry last spring. By purchasing a 37-foot gooseneck trailer outfitted with a full mobile wine bottling system, Harbor Hill began offering mobile bottling services to the 500 other small wineries throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. A small investment in a trailer allowed them to offer a service that not only benefits their competitors, but positions themselves as an industry leader.

8. Illini Tailgate Trailer

The most affordable trailer on our Top 10 list, this tailgate trailer is something any brand could incorporate into an activation. In this case, a group of University of Illinois grads went in on a 6’x12′ enclosed cargo trailer and we added a flip-up door for an 80-inch flatscreen TV, as well as a smaller flip-up compartment to house three beer taps. A simple concept that captures attention at tailgates and events alike.

7. Spiderz Batting Gloves Mobile Retail Trailer

We’ve all been there. Stuck in the sweltering heat, setting up pop-up tents and other activation elements at a festival. Or scrambling to break it all down as the storm approaches. A trailer can eliminate those woes, as Spiderz demonstrated with their mobile retail trailer. As a retail brand, Spiderz lined the inside of their trailer with product that didn’t have to be taken down for transit, and utilized mobile displays on the stage that could be set up and closed down in mere minutes. They also utilized the rear stage door as a mobile DJ booth.

6. Hudson Boat Works Marketing & Mobile Repair Trailer

“For years upon years we just used a 10×10 pop-up tent – throw everything in the back of the truck, unload it, set it up, and keep going back and forth, doing that over and over,” said Atlantic Sales Manager, Matt Muffelman. “Throughout the years, when storms or bad weather comes through, it ends up either destroying things or getting us wet. We were at the mercy of the elements.
“The trailer allows us to work harder for longer in the same elements because we have essentially almost a mobile home as opposed to a pop-up tent. It not only represents a better image and a better job, but as the main employee who works out of it, it has allowed me to do my job better for longer and stay happier.” 

5. The Lash Bar Mobile Lash Bar Trailer

In addition to experiential and selling product, a trailer can be used to provide services, as The Lash Bar in Lehi, Utah is demonstrating. Melissa Watts purchased a 28-foot trailer to expand out of her brick-and-mortar location with a mobile lash bar, complete with power and electric, air conditioning, a bathroom, a changing room with floor to ceiling mirrors, a makeup station with light-up mirror, salon chairs, hanging racks and display, extra windows with shades, custom flooring, and custom gold sequin curtains throughout. The trailer matches her brand and allows her to bring her services to events and businesses throughout the area.

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4. Kroger & Dare to Care’s Zero Hunger Mobile Market Trailer

Brands looking to make a positive impact beyond just sales can take note of this mobile market trailer that Kroger and Dare to Care Food Bank created to tackle issues of lack of access to grocery stores in Jefferson County, Ky. Filled with produce, refrigerated goods, and staple food items, this 44-foot trailer operates a monthly calendar that includes 2-3 stops per day to allow customers to purchase affordable and healthy food, and 2-3 community awareness visits per month designed to increase awareness and engagement around the issue of food insecurity. 

3. Kroger Treasure EmporiYum Mobile Tour Trailer

In support of its Treasure EmporiYum retail campaign, Kroger and Cincinnati-based experiential agency, AGAR, utilized two 26-foot stage trailers as the centerpiece of their summer mobile tour. The program launched at the Taste of Cincinnati, allowing consumers to enter the trailers and receive product samples such as brown butter bourbon truffle ice cream and various flavors of beef jerky, or spin a prize wheel to win branded swag. The 4-foot wedge nose provided product storage and both trailers had air conditioning, allowing staff to stay cool and on top of their game during those long festival activations.

2. Florida Blue Mobile Healthcare Consultation Trailer

Trailers can mimic brick-and-mortar locations as this mobile healthcare consultation trailer did for Florida Blue. By fabricating glass partition walls with sliding doors – complete with blue vinyl on the lower half -, desks and chairs, cork walls, and floating shelves, we were able to create a mobile version of the Florida Blue retail centers throughout the state. We also added elements that created texture and character, such as a wood slat wall with mounted LED sign that creates a great onsite photo opp. This trailer launched at the Florida Blue Classic football game in Orlando and will travel throughout the state offering healthcare services such as flu shots, consultations, and assist with initiatives such has open enrollment. 

1. Prudential Rooftop Pop-Up Retail Restaurant Airstream

We aren’t often asked to work on Airstreams, so when we are it’s a welcome challenge. This pop-up restaurant trailer project was a long time in the making for commercial real estate developer Sterling Bay, but when all was said and done, we airlifted the trailer to the 11th floor roof deck of the Prudential Plaza building in downtown Chicago, allowing Federales Tacos & Tequila to sling tacos and tequila all summer and fall. 
As you can see, we work with a wide variety of brands and experiential marketing agencies to design and fabricate a very diverse roster of trailers. While a trailer may start the same — a frame, axles, walls — the fabrication and customization that we do to put the brand’s stamp on it is what brings the trailer to life. 
Can your brand benefit from a marketing trailer? Of course it can. From mobile tours to local retail to pop-ups to trade shows, there’s no limit to how your trailer can work for you. Quit sinking costs into pop-up tents that are time consuming to set up and break down and exhibit displays that sit in storage collecting dust in between uses. Invest in a marketing trailer that can deliver ROI for your brand all year round. 
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