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Affordable Cargo Trailers – How Discovery is Raising the Bar for Affordable Cargo Trailers

With blackout trim, Alumi-Tec exterior, and white aluminum interior walls, Discovery has raised the bar for affordable cargo trailers.

At its most basic purpose, a cargo trailer is made to haul things. Cargo trailers can be used for moving, hauling goods, transporting equipment, carrying construction materials from job to job, storing items, towing band equipment from gig to gig, and so much more.

When you really think about it, a cargo trailer is a lifeline.

A cargo trailer is an essential asset for small businesses. It’s a useful vehicle for homeowners. It’s part of the band for touring musicians.

Because of that, it’s vitally important that it looks great and performs well. That’s where Discovery is raising the bar by offering a package that we have taken advantage of on all of the cargo trailers we currently stock. It includes blackout trim, 0.080 Alumi-Tec exterior siding, and white aluminum interior walls.

All three of those options enhance the look of the cargo trailer. The trim adds a great look to the exterior, no matter what color aluminum you choose. The 0.080 Alumi-Tec siding is much thicker than the standard 0.030, which eliminates ripples and makes it more durable. The white aluminum interior walls add a nice finish to the inside.

The best part? These Discovery cargo trailers are still highly affordable cargo trailers!

As of early March, we currently have the following in stock, and if we don’t have it in stock by the time you reach out, we can get one remade quickly.

5’x8′ Discovery Cargo Trailers

Doctor Hurt


5'x8' white Discovery Cargo Trailer



5'x8' silver Discovery Cargo Trailer



6’x10′ Discovery Cargo Trailers





6’x12′ Discovery Cargo Trailers

6'x12' Silver Discovery Cargo Trailer



6'x12' Black Discovery Cargo Trailer



7’x14′ Discovery Cargo Trailers



8.5’x16′ Discovery Cargo Trailers

King Snake


In addition to the Discovery cargo trailers we currently have in stock, we can custom order them for you if you want a different size or color.

We typically stock 5’x10 and 7’x16′ even though we don’t have any at the time of this writing.

Although we normally stick to white, black, charcoal, and silver exterior colors, we can also get them in red, indigo blue, champagne, matte black, battleship grey, and more.

If you are in the market for an affordable cargo trailer for personal use or business use, give us a call at 630-580-5840 or click any of the links above and submit a quote request to one of our salesmen. They typically respond within a few minutes. Of course, you can also come see them in person on our lot in Carol Stream and pick out the exact cargo trailer you want.

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