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Do you owna business that would benefit from having a mobile office? With rising real estate prices andovercrowding, many business owners and service providers are now opting formore portable and customizable office spaces. Here at Advantage Trailers, we'vespent the last three decades helping local people design custom office spacesthey can take wherever they go — it’s no wonder we’re the trusted name when itcomes to mobile office trailers!

No matter what industry you’re in, we have a mobile office trailer tosuit your needs. Read on to learn more about the different types of mobile offices and howyou can use one to save time andmoney!

How a Mobile Office Trailer CanHelp Your Business

In the pastfew decades, the use of mobileoffices has skyrocketed … and it’s no secret why. In recent times, thebusiness landscape has changed — what was once a traditional and predictableeconomy has transformed into a fast-paced, ever-changing market.

A mobile office trailer,customized to suit your needs, can go with you to wherever the business is — tojob sites, to customers, and to test new markets! All our trailers are truly mobile; you can move themday-to-day, quickly and easily. In addition, if your venture is just startingout, a mobile officeis the perfect way to get started without putting down big money. And once yourbusiness grows, you can easily expand your workspace!

Mobile Officesthat Make Your Life Easier!

Gone arethe days when brick-and-mortar offices are the only option. Whether you’re inhealthcare, emergency services, construction, or real estate, there’s a mobile office to suityour exact needs. And because we work with only the best, most establishedbrands on the market, your new mobile office trailer will be built to last and with all theessential amenities (and then some!) Take a look at some of the types ofportable offices we offer!

  •   Mobile hearing testing centers
  •   Mobile workshop for vibrationcontrol technology
  •   Offices with extra storage
  •   Real estate development offices
  •   Emergency response trailers
  •   Technology and IT-centered trailers
  •   Anytype of custom office you can imagine!

When you’reready to see where your new mobileoffice will take you, call us to book an appointment at one of our threeshowrooms. We’ll give you the grand tour and a free, no-obligation quote!

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