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Goodman Theatre Returning to Chicago Parks for Free ‘Zulema’ Performances

Goodman Theatre Zulema trailer

For the second straight year, Chicago’s Goodman Theatre is putting on a free summer performance in the Chicago parks, and one of our trailers will be center stage. Literally.

Sones de Mexico Ensemble’s ‘Zulema’ will be performed in 10 different parks across the city, beginning Thursday, August 5.

The one-hour production follows the journey of Zulema from her home in Chiapas, Mexico to Chicago via regional dance and music.

“On a spectacular musical journey of many thousands of miles– from her Chiapas home in Mexico to Chicago – young Zulema zig-zags through the culturally diverse landscapes of her homeland and our fair city along the way,” says the Goodman’s website.

Zulema was written by Dolores Diaz and co-directed by Goodman’s resident artistic associate Henry Godinez and Aguijon Theater co-artistic director Marcela Munoz. Music direction was provided by Sones de Mexico founder Victor Pichardo.

Last year, the Goodman Theatre utilized the same 24-foot stage trailer as its mobile stage for its performance of Cheryl West’s ‘Fannie Lou Hamer: Speak on It’. At the time, it was by necessity as the theatre was closed due to the Covid-19pandemic. But it gave residents of the city the opportunity to have a theatrical performance come to them.

At the time, it was the first post-Covid theatrical endeavor in Chicago authorized by all four unions commonly affiliated with live musical and dramatic productions.

Now, even with the theatre opened up again, the Goodman Theatre is taking the show on the road once again.

“Music has the power to build bridges between cultures and generations,” said Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. “As we spotlight this important artform in your Year of Chicago Music, ‘Zulema’ and other extraordinary artworks we have in store will help us build stronger relations with one another.”

Following the month-long performance, this trailer will be available to lease by calling Advantage Trailer at 630-524-2029 or emailing

Below is a map of the dates and locations of performances. All performances are free to the public.

Goodman Theatre's Zulema schedule

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