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When the snow falls and starts to pile up indroves on your property, it is up to you to clear it. Most residentialhomeowners can handle their driveways and walkways with snow shovels or asnowblower. However, those who own large properties or a commercial businessneed to get out the heavy duty equipment to tackle the snowdrifts. You couldhire a professional snow plow company to come out and clear your driveway orparking lot. Of course, the larger the area, or the further you are from urbanareas, the more expensive this cost becomes.

At Advantage Trailer, we offer property ownersa way to save on those expenses by investing in snow removal equipment in Chicago. The initialcost is bigger, but it can save you a lot in the long run. Our selection includesa range of vehicle attachments from snow plows to salt spreaders that aresuitable for light and heavy-duty trucks. Allow us to go over some of theoptions for snow and icecontrol equipment.

Snow Plows are the UltimateShovel

If your driveway is half a mile long, there isno way you are using a snow shovel or blower to clear it by hand. We have snowplows from Western Products that is available in a range of sizes for personalhome use or commercial use. We even have snow removal equipment available for those whowant to set up their own snow removal business.

Our selection of snow plows includes:

  • Western Wide Out Snow Plow
  • New Western Steel V Plow
  • Western Pro Plus
  • Western Pro Plow Series 2
  • Western Midweight Plow Poly Blade7′ 6″
  • Western Midweight 7′ 6″ PlowSteel Blade
  • Western HTS Half Ton Snow Plow
  • Western Suburbanite Snow Plow

Plows for Light Weight Trucks& SUVs

If you have a half ton lightweight truck orsuburban SUV, you can still use a snow plow attachment on your vehicle. Some ofour models that are suitable for this purpose include the Western HTS Half Ton Snow Plow and the Suburbanite Snow Plow. The former is a steel plow and the latterfeatures a polyethylene moldboard. Both of these are designed to be easilyattached to the underside of your vehicle by one person without special tools.

They are each still a few hundred pounds. Snowand ice are also fairly heavy, which adds extra weight to the plow when in use.Be sure to double check the towing capacity of your vehicle before purchasingone to ensure you don’t inadvertently cause damage.

Salt Spreaders are Effective Ice Control Equipment

Once you have your property cleared, it’s agood idea to spread salt to keep snow and ice from building up again. Theeasiest ice controlequipment to use are salt spreaders. These are also great because youcan attach one to the back of your truck and spread salt behind you, while alsoplowing snow in front. They allow you to work faster and be more effective atcontrolling ice and snow.

We offer two types of salt spreaders:

  1. Western Low Profile Tailgate SaltSpreaders
  2. Western Tornado Box Hopper

Low Profile Tailgate VS BoxSpreaders

These two options are meant for very differentpurposes and vehicles. The WesternTornado is a type of box hopper that slides into the tailgate of a pickuptruck. It is about 9′ long and 5′ wide. There are three models, a 1.5 cubicyard, 1.8 cu. yd., and a 2.5 cu. yd. hopper. The first two sizes are meant for3/4- to 1-Ton size pickup trucks at a minimum, while the largest hopper is meantfor a dump body or a flatbed truck.

If you own a lightweight truck or SUV, thebetter option is a Western Low ProfileSalt Spreader. These small tailgate salt spreaders attach to the hitch ofyour bumper. They are much smaller, at about 4′ wide and 2′ tall. The lowprofile means that these spreaders won’t impede your rear view either.

We sell the 1000 and the 2500 Series, whichalso have an 8 cu. ft. and 8.5 cu. ft. capacity. As you can see, these hoppershold a lot less salt, so they aren’t ideal commercial ice control equipment. However, if you area business owner and want to maintain your property in the winter, they can bea good investment.

What Type of Salt to Use?

Both of our salt spreader products can befilled with rock salt, calcium chloride, or sand. Each offers unique benefitsas ice and snow removalequipment:

  • Rock Salt: Everyday sodiumchloride is usually mined from underground. It’s very affordable and iseffective at melting ice down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Calcium Chloride: Another kind ofmineral salt that is more expensive. It melts ice faster and works intemperatures down to -15 degrees F.
  • Sand: Just regular sand thatprovides some traction on snow and ice. It’s useful when you have thick ice andconstant snowfall or sleet. It won’t melt ice or snow.
  • Ice Melt: A product usually madewith a mixture of sodium chloride, calcium chloride, and another mineral,magnesium chloride. This product is generally considered more pet and plantfriendly.

Find Out More About Our Trailersand Accessories

Advantage Trailer stands apart from vehicledealerships, hardware stores, and recreational vehicle providers by filling anecessary niche. We provide high quality trailers for commercial andrecreational usage, and the accessories to improve your use of other vehicles.This includes affordable snow removalequipment in Chicago that can help you keep driveways, parking lots,and roads clear without relying on a third party.

If you are thinking about purchasing a snowplow or a salt spreader, give us a call or fill out our online form. One of ourknowledgeable representatives will be able to provide more information and afree price estimate right away.

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