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Mobile Showrooms: An Effective Marketing Tool

Finding effective ways to market your business is essentialfor continued growth. You can tell people about your products all day, but thatwill never be as compelling as showing them. Our mobile showrooms allow you to bring the benefitsof a brick and mortar showroom on the road.

It doesn't really matter what kind of business you have—mostcan benefit from a custom roadshowtrailer. People who approach your trailer can see exactly what you haveto offer, but you’re also building brand presence just by driving down theroad.

How Can a Mobile Marketing RoadshowBenefit your Business?

If you’ve never considered purchasing a mobile showroom, youshould do that right now! Here are a few ways you can use your roadshow trailer to buildyour brand and increase sales.

Show Your Services in a Mobile Showroom

Whether you’re selling cars, siding, or baby clothes, a trailergives you a way to bring your products on the road. Attend expos, festivals,and other events with your products in tow. Show off your custom cabinetrywork, let potential customers see how great your vacuum cleaners work, or letthem sidle up to the built-in bar to try your craft beer. All of this and much moreis possible with a custom mobile showroom trailerdesigned and engineered for your specific needs!

Sell Your Products on the Road

In addition to showing products, many of our customers use their roadshow trailers ormobile showrooms as traveling boutiques. It’s so much easier than having to setup and tear down everywhere you go. As a bonus, your branding emblazoned on thetrailer makes it easy to find your business—and hard to forget it.

Build Goodwill with Your Brand

Many businesses don’t necessarily need to show or sell theirproducts, but they find great benefit in a roadshow trailer in terms of promoting goodwilland meeting with customers and potential customers. Examples include a radiostation that had a custom concession trailer built. They could use this to handout water at a festival, or even use it to distribute items following adisaster.

Fully CustomizedMobile Showrooms—It’s How We Roll

You could buy a trailer, slap on a magnet with your logo,and call it a day. But you won’t realize nearly the impact or functionalitythat you’d have with a custom mobile showroom. The first step in creating your trailer isdiscussing your business and how you’d like to use your trailer. Many businessowners even walk away from these meetings with new ideas! Once we know exactlyhow you plan to use your trailer, we get to work.

If you can imagine it, we can build it! Examples of mobile showroom featuresincluded on past builds include:

  • 24-foot stage
  • Clear acrylic side (think display window)
  • Wastewater equipment demo
  • Mobile gaming with 50” TVs
  • Ice cream shop
  • Aquarium touch tanks
  • NASCAR Simulator
  • Fitting rooms
  • Flight simulators

There is no idea too big! Contact us today to discuss yourdesign ideas for your mobilemarketing roadshow! Give Advantage Trailer a call today or request acustom quote by filling out our online contact form.

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