enclosed car trailer

An enclosed car trailer is a sound investment if you have an expensive vehicle that you want to transport without racking up the mileage or exposing it to the elements. Unfortunately, most car trailers have one thing in common—they’re plain. They don’t have to be when you choose Advantage Trailer!

Instead of choosing a basic trailer, we can create a custom trailer just for you!

Custom Enclosed Car Trailer Construction

It all starts with custom construction. We have innovative loading and hauling solutions that you won’t find anywhere else. After all, we are the largest dealer of ATC vehicles!

Enhance basic enclosed car trailers, haul more than one vehicle with a stacker car trailer, or choose construction that enables you to use clear panels that are perfect for showing off a car at a special event without removing it from the trailer.

Trailer Wraps and Graphic Displays

What makes most trailers so boring is the fact that they’re a single, monotone color. At Advantage Trailer, we think that’s a waste of marketing real estate. That’s why we work with businesses, organizations, and events to create custom wraps and exterior displays that will take your trailer to a whole new level.

Design Your Car Trailer with a Team of Experts

If you want your trailer to last, you have to make sure you choose the right builder and dealer. At Advantage Trailer, we have offered the largest selection of high-quality trailers in the region since 1989. We employ factory-trained design crews to make sure everything is customized with safety and longevity in mind and our trailers come with product liability and backup warranties.

If you want to learn more about enclosed car trailers, or you want to get started designing yours today, give us a call or fill out our form!