New Logo

After three decades in the business it’s time to look toward the future of Advantage Trailer. Today, we are excited to launch a new brand identity, including a new logo, colors, font, and message that will more adequately represent who we are and where we’re going.

Since our founding in 1989 our logo has evolved a few times, but we’ve never lost sight of who we are. Most recently, our 30-year anniversary branding allowed us to celebrate not only ourselves, but our customers who have helped us get to where we are. Now, we’re turning our focus to the future. 

New Logo DescriptionFrom this point forward we will simply be known as Advantage Trailer. We are dropping '& Hitches' from our brand name, but by no means dropping it from our service offerings. Hitches will remain a core part of our business, but our simplified name encompasses everything involving trailers that we do: customization, service, parts and accessories, repairs and maintenance, wraps, hitches, snow removal equipment, and more. 

Additionally, we have adopted the colors blue and green, two of the most primal colors found in nature, to represent the Advantage Trailer brand.

Blue has always been a foundation color of Advantage. It signifies our values: strong relationships, trust in teamwork, and commitment to seeing projects through to the end. It also represents blue-sky thinking. We specialize in custom trailers, which means that your only limitation is your imagination.

We know that a trailer is a big investment, whether you are an individual or a corporation, and that is why our new brand message is We Build Dreams. We don’t want to sell you just another trailer. At Advantage Trailer, we don’t just build trailers, we build dreams.

Green represents growth. We’re proud of the servant-minded approach that has been the bedrock of our company, and that will remain in place. We also realize that we must grow. We have always evolved with the times and will continue doing so while striving for excellence in all that we do.

In 2019, we have identified mobile event marketing trailers as a growth area that we will aggressively pursue. However, that won’t change what we’ve always done. We will continue to focus on serving you, our customers, first.

The shape of the logo remains that of a wheel or a tire. Wheels move things. They’ve been around forever. Tires are the only part of a trailer that touch the ground. They make it stop, go, and turn and they support the weight of the trailer. At Advantage Trailer, we’ll keep moving while remaining grounded in who we have always been.

Three green stripes that run across the logo represent the three pillars our business was built on:

1.  A personal approach: We value our relationships with our employees, suppliers, and customers. We treat them with a high level of respect because we believe the best work comes from positive professional relationships.

2.  Specialized Expertise: All of our employees are some of the most experienced, well-trained, and skilled professionals in the industry. They are all experts and fully prepared to guide you to the trailering or towing solution you need.

3.  Value: Our product lines are high quality, functional, efficient, stylish, and affordable. We sell, service, repair, maintain, and offer parts and accessories from established suppliers that have a long track record of integrity.

Four stars signal the four stars in the Chicago flag, representing our commitment to our community. We serve customers nationwide, but Chicago is our home. Specifically, the western suburbs, where we not only work, but live, shop, go to church, raise our kids, and serve our community.

We believe in giving back and we encourage our employees to participate in community affairs and needs. We have participated in financial sponsoring, mentoring, teaching, coaching youth sports, drug rehabilitation, local and national missions, Boy Scouts, and other civic groups. We sit on charitable boards. Most recently, over the holidays, we donated to provide over 1,620 meals to children in need through Feed My Starving Children.

We say all of the above with a sincere humility. We are honored to have made it 30 years and we know it’s due in large part to you, our beloved customer. We share the story of our company through our new logo because it’s who we are and we hope to inspire the same big-sky thinking, community-focused, servant-minded approach in everyone we do business with.

As we move forward into 2019 and beyond, Advantage Trailer remains firmly grounded with an eye toward the future. We hope you will join us.