By now you have read about why brands should invest more in experiential marketing, what makes an effective experiential campaign, 10 unique experiential marketing trailer uses for agencies and brands, and 8 key benefits of an experiential marketing trailer.

Now it’s time to tie it all together with a look at how Advantage Trailer can help brands and experiential marketing agencies take their brand to the people.

Who is Advantage Trailer?

For 30 years Advantage Trailer has been a leader in trailer sales and fabrication. A family-owned and operated small business, we’ve built our business on relationships. Whether dealing with an individual purchasing their first trailer, a small landscaping business, someone looking for an expensive stacker to haul their race cars, or a brand or agency buying or leasing a custom marketing trailer, we treat everyone with the same respect.

We take pride in the service-oriented approach that has made us a leader in the industry and no matter how much we grow that will never change. It’s who we are. Just ask our clients.

Jeanette DesJardins, founder of CarChix, was activating at an event in South Georgia back in February when someone backed into her trailer and caused damage to the rear bumper. It just so happened that Dan Rocco, one of Advantage’s service leads, was at the same event for fun. He noticed the damage, and without DesJardins even asking, he fixed it for her on the spot.

“It was crazy enough to run into one of the guys who built my trailer at an event 1,000 miles away,” DesJardins said. “But then for him to go out of his way to fix it before I hit the road, it just speaks volumes about Advantage Trailer. That’s the kind of people they are, and if I ever decide to get another trailer I know who I’ll go with again.”

What does Advantage Trailer specialize in?

Our brand motto is We Build Dreams, and that’s truly what we do. No matter who our customer is, we want to give them the trailer of their dreams. We know that a trailer isn’t a small purchase. It’s an investment. And we don’t take that lightly.

For many customers, a trailer is the realization of their dream. It allows them to begin or expand their business. That was the case with Rod Crosby, who commissioned Advantage to build him a custom 48-foot food trailer to serve as his new rotisserie-centered restaurant and sauce sampling bar in Austin, Texas.

“You look at it and it’s a symbol of all your hard work,” Crosby said. “It’s light years beyond most of the food trucks in town. This is a new generation food trailer. Modern technology, modern everything, modern engineering.”

Every trailer build is different, but his idea was about as custom as they come. He wanted a full, high-end chef’s kitchen at the front half of his trailer and a tasting bar at the back end. He spent two years designing it and researching and vetting trailer companies. When he found Advantage, he got a look at a recent food trailer we had done for a major fried chicken brand and was sold.

“No one else I had talked to had done something of that magnitude, so being walked through every step of that was priceless,” Crosby said. “It allowed us to know that Advantage would be capable of it. Then, the feeling when we got there, meeting the team, seeing first-hand hundreds of trailers in the lot and then the custom-built side…they seemed very personable and professional.”

It’s those kinds of stories that motivate us every day. Taking a customer’s ideas and helping them realize their dream. Sure, we can sell you a basic trailer with nothing added – and for many customers we do – but we specialize in designing and fabricating exactly what you want. We like to say, your only limitation is your imagination.

Who are some of the brands we’ve worked with?

As you can imagine, Advantage Trailer has done all sorts of trailers, from food trailers to mobile boutiques, from command centers to educational trailers. There isn’t much we haven’t done, and that experience is what helps us serve our customers.

Chaco Footwear had us build them a mobile fitting room that they took to music festivals and college events across the country. Students and festival attendees were enticed by free tacos and given the opportunity to try on the new line of Chaco sandals.

For Curate, we built a 24-foot stage trailer that had a beautifully decorated interior with artisan goods. But the purpose of the activation was to distribute samples of their Curate granola bar, which they did at events throughout the Midwest.

We recently completed a mobile retail store for Spiderz Batting Gloves, complete with interior slat wall throughout to display product, a fold-down side stage for consumer flow, and a fold-down rear stage that they use as a DJ booth. They travel to various Major League Baseball stadiums and other baseball and softball events across the country.

MINI USA had us build a custom stage trailer to display options, accessories, and a history of MINI video. Mercedes Benz had us build a trailer to showcase their new 2019/2020 sprinter vans and educate consumers on the options and accessories they offer.

We have worked with both Verizon and AT&T to create product demonstration trailers. We created mobile recording studio for the Jack Daniels Jack’n for Beats tour. Meijer used a clear-view trailer for product display on college campuses during their back to school program. For Alienware, we built a trailer to demo their new gaming computers, headsets, and accessories. Tactical Wear Online used a trailer to sell Under Armor branded tactical gear that benefits the Wounded Warriors Project.

We are currently fabricating mobile food bank trailers for a pair of national grocery chains, as well as an Airstream-turned-kitchen that will sit atop a downtown building as part of a rooftop restaurant.

As you can see, the brands that have utilized our trailer fabrication services span a variety of categories, from consumer packaged goods (CPG) to technology to clothing to automotive to retail.

The examples above are mostly recognizable brands, but that doesn’t mean your brand has to be a well-established market leader to benefit from a marketing trailer. CarChix is one woman who started out with a pop-up tent and expanded her business with a trailer. Sauce Odyssey launched his business with a trailer. The owner of Lash Bar in Utah is expanding her hair and cosmetics business with a mobile lash bar trailer with a goal of franchising them out.

There are hundreds of stories like this and that’s what we love to do. As mentioned above, we live by our motto, We Build Dreams.

What sets Advantage apart?

There are many trailer dealers and fabricators out there, but Advantage Trailer is ideal for brands and marketing agencies for four reasons.

First, we only work with the highest quality manufacturers in the country. If you buy a trailer from down south, chances are it’s built to lower standards with cheaper materials. That means you will have more problems with your trailer as you use it. If you’re going to make an investment, why settle for cheap? Buying a trailer from Advantage Trailer means you’re getting a high-quality, structurally sound, lightweight trailer that will last well beyond your marketing program.

Secondly, we’re ideally located for Midwest-based brands and agencies, especially the many that have an office in Chicago. Just 30 miles west of the city and right in between O’Hare and Midway airports, our shop is easy to get to. That means your account managers can stop in to check on build progress or our team can easily visit your office.

When you launch your program, your tour staff can stay at one of two hotels just across the street and your account staff is close enough to home to make training just a day trip, which saves on your account travel budget. 

Third, as demonstrated above, our fabrication team can make damn near anything. Full chef's kitchen? Check. Mobile retail store? Check. Mobile gaming trailer with VR? Check. Trade show checkpoint? Check. Product demonstration trailer? Check. Product sampling trailer? Check. You name it, our team of experienced fabricators can create it.

Finally, how many other trailer fabricators have a 10-year experiential agency veteran on their roster? I have personally used and sourced trailers for two different agencies over the past decade. My decade of experience in your shoes gives you a trusted agent inside your trailer vendor. Someone who understands your timelines, your client requests, and your goals.

In other words, we aren’t just another trailer vendor looking to make some money and move on to the next customer. We care about the success of your program because we’ve been there. We want your trailer to look and work exactly how you intend.

Before your trailer hits the road we’ll train you and/or your tour staff on exactly how to use it, or we’ll fly in to market to be there for your launch event to ensure it works perfectly. That’s what Katherine Rogers, Global Construction Events Manager at Autodesk, was blown away by when she leased a 24-foot stage trailer from Advantage for her company’s largest annual conference, Autodesk University, last fall.

“I had never set up a trailer, and we had a very limited two-hour time window to move the trailer in, position it exactly, and then stabilize and level it,” she recalled.

“The Advantage Trailer sales manager, Jim, was in constant contact with the drivers delivering the trailer. It was good to be able to rely on him. He showed me how to set up and then close up the trailer after the event. He also gave me his cell phone number with instructions to call him at any time of the day/night if we needed his assistance.”

How do I work with Advantage?

You can view our currently in-stock trailer inventory or peruse the extensive examples of what we have done for past customers.

That's extremely helpful for brand managers trying to figure out what to get, but chances are, if you’re from an agency, you don’t need to spend time clicking through different listings. By now, you know we can get the job done, so just give us a call at 630-524-2029 or fill out a quote request.

We will get back to you quickly with a detailed quote or a request for more information. Beginning with our first conversation, we’re here to listen. What is your big idea? How do you envision using your trailer? What are your goals?

From there, we’ll let you know your options and provide drawings and photos of past trailers we’ve done that are similar to what you are requesting.

Once you’ve decided on the basics, we’ll put together the meat and potatoes of your trailer. All options are on the table at this point. As the process moves along, we’ll provide CAD drawings and photos to keep you fully informed throughout.

Finally, when your trailer is ready, we can host you at our facility for a training, or if you choose to have the trailer shipped to market, we will fly out to train your team in person.

No matter what, we’re here to serve you every step of the way so you can get the trailer of your (or your client’s) dreams.