Trailers for Mobile Tours

Trailers for Mobile Tours

Mobile tours are a great way for brands to engage with consumers in different markets. Of course, you need a vehicle to make it happen. Mobile tour trailers are the perfect way to take your brand on the road.

Mobile tour trailers

Why a Trailer is Perfect for Mobile Tours

Trailers offer mobility, a defined footprint, ease of setup and breakdown, air conditioning, lighting, electricity, storage, always-on branding, and endless customization. Read more about why a trailer works perfectly for experiential marketing mobile tours.

Stage Trailers

The perfect combination of a defined space, ease of use, and engagement, a stage trailer offers the best mobile tour platform. Stage trailers run from 12 feet to 30 feet long. They can be customized from the ground up. Want vinyl flooring? We can do that. Stage railings and steps? Sure. Walk-on roof and rooftop marquee? Absolutely. Graphic wrap? No problem. And that’s just the start!

Stage trailers for mobile tours
Cargo trailers for mobile tours

Cargo Trailers

Maybe all you need is a cargo trailer to haul your activation assets — such as this one that G7 Entertainment Marketing used for the Kingsford Charcoal mobile tour. With a wide range of sizes in stock, we can lease one or sell you one, depending on your budget and timeframe.

Need help choosing the right trailer? Our sales staff is ready to help you find exactly what you need.