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Quick Guide to Buying Snow Plows

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With winter and snowy weather upon us,property owners will need to be prepared for it. Snow and ice can build upquickly on cold concrete and asphalt. Yet, it stubbornly remains for as long asit takes the weather to warm up again! You can remove this unwanted snowquickly with Western Snow Plows available at Advantage Trailer.

We offer several options of blade sizes,strengths, and types that help get you through this season and many more tocome. Our team can help you pick out a snow plow in Chicago and even assist ininstallation in our service department. Of course, we know customers want to dotheir research before buying a snow plow. To this end, we’ve put together asimple guide to snow plowsand their many features.

Benefits of Snow Plows

When you live on a rural property, have a longdriveway, or own a business, it can be difficult to get the snow and icecleared. You may not be able to rely on urban snow plow companies or don’t wantto pay the extra costs to have them come out. Clearing the snow with a shovelor snow plow may be impossible considering the size of the property or parkinglot. In these instances, you need one of our local Chicago snow removal equipment.

As long as you own a half ton truck or SUVminimum, you can purchase a snow plow that fits it. This snow removal equipmentmay have a higher initial cost, but it provides a much greater return oninvestment in the long run.

What benefits do snow plows offer?

  • Save money on paying a snowremoval service to do the work.
  • Clear snow and ice when you thinkit’s needed, not when the plow company is available.
  • Clear snow from your driveway manytimes faster than with a shovel or snow blower.
  • Get more effective removal oflarge amounts of snow.

If you are interested in learning more or wantto purchase a snow plow inChicago, reach out to Advantage Trailer. Our expert consultants can helpyou find the perfect snow plow for your vehicle and provide a free priceestimate for purchase.

How to Pick a Snow Plow in Chicago

There are many types and sizes of snow plows, so it’s notas easy as just buying any of them to attach to your vehicle. You will need toknow a little bit about your truck or SUV as reference when shopping for a snow plow in Chicago.This includes:

  • Vehicle Weight
  • Front Gross Axle Weight Rating

Snowplows models are manufactured for different vehicle typesand weights. For instance, the WesternHTS Half Ton Snow Plow is suitable for lightweight, half ton trucks, whilethe Western Pro Plus is made forheavy duty, one ton trucks or larger.

The FGAW Rating on your vehicle indicates howmuch weight the front end can carry. This is a vital piece of information tofind out as even lightweight snowplows can weigh hundreds of pounds. The lightest plow we carry is the Western Suburbanite, which still weighs250 lbs. If the load on your front end is too much, it can cause damage to thevehicle, so it pays to know your FGAW Rating.

What Plow Material to Pick?

When shopping for a Chicago snow plows, you’ll have the optionto choose between steel or polyethylene moldboard products. For a long time,steel plows have been the standard in the industry. This material is strong,rust resistant, and readily available.

There are some drawbacks to using a steel snowplow. It may be heavier than a poly plow, but that depends on the type ofreinforced steel framework used on the back of the polyethylene moldboard.Steel can also dent more easily when you hit small rocks and gravel in theroad.

A polyethylene moldboard is slicker thansteel, allowing the snow to slide off more easily. This can improve theeffectiveness and speed of your plow work. It is also corrosion resistant anddoesn’t dent or scratch like steel. Poly plows are more expensive, making theinitial investment larger. However, they may remain useful for longer than asteel plow before needing repairs or replacement.

V Plows VS. Straight Blade Plows

You can also choose between a couple ofdifferent model types when looking for a snow plow in Chicago. Each model offers its ownbenefits and drawbacks that you may want to consider as a residential customeror a property owner.

What are Straight Blade Plows?

The straight blade is a simple length ofgently curved moldboard. This type of plow has been around for decades and iseasy to master and use. Lengths vary between 6.5 feet and 10 feet. Straightblades are usually less expensive, which means investing in your first plowwon’t be as much of a budget buster. They also require less maintenance thanthe more complex V Plows.

What are V Plows?

The moldboards of V Plows have the same gentlecurve, but they are vertically hinged in the center. Operators can change theshape and position of the plow blades to perform a much wider set of functions.These hinged plows are more expensive and take some practice to master, butthey can be a great investment for the professional.

The best thing about V Plows is theirflexibility. You can put them into multiple positions when clearing snow, suchas the:

  • Scoop Position: The two sides of the blade areplaced in a forward angled “V” shape to push the snow in front ofyour vehicle rather than to the sides. Scooping is useful for clearing parkinglots.
  • V Position: These plows get their name fromthis position. The two sides of the blade are angled in a backwards”V” shape. This position is great for clearing lanes by pushing snowto the side of your truck.
  • Straight Position: This versatile straightblade position can be used for clearing snow, pushing snow, and back draggingsnow when you need to pull it away from a driveway or a building.
  • Side Angle Position: Some V Plows can also bemoved to the left or right side of the vehicle to widen a path through thesnow.

Owning a snow plow in Chicago is a vital way to keep yourproperty clear in winter, so you can drive to work or provide a safe place forcustomers to park. This snow removal equipment is not difficult to learn how touse or attach to your vehicle. Plus, it offers plenty of return on your investment.

If you are thinking about purchasing a snowplow other accessories for your vehicle, give Advantage Trailer a call or fillout our online form. One of our experts will be able to provide you with a freequote for any of our products.

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