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Top 10 Trailers of 2019: #4 – Kroger & Dare to Care’s Zero Hunger Mobile Market Trailer

As 2020 gets started, we continue our look back at a few of our favorite custom trailers from the past year. Of course, we will never discount the everyday trailer sales that are the meat and potatoes of our business, but the big marketing trailers that require extended fabrication are what really make us proud.
Over the last few weeks we have featured the first six of our top 10 countdown of our favorite custom trailers of 2019 as voted on by our employees. Now it’s time for the top four.
From the sales team to the admin team to the service team, every person may or may not have played a direct role in each trailer along the way, but each person has played an important role in keeping the business going, providing excellent customer service, and getting trailers back up and running quickly, which is something to be celebrated.

#4 – Kroger & Dare to Care’s Zero Hunger Mobile Market Trailer

Number four on the countdown of our Top 10 Trailers of 2019 is a unique trailer that we did for Kroger. The Zero Hunger Mobile Market for Kroger and Dare to Care Food Bank provides fresh fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious foods to neighborhoods throughout Louisville, Ky. 
Loaded with produce racks and refrigeration on both sides of the 44-foot gooseneck trailer, customers can walk down the center aisle and shop for fresh produce and staple food items. They can then pay via debit card, credit card, or EBT.
“This initiative leverages Kroger’s retail grocery expertise with Dare to Care’s hunger relief knowledge and infrastructure to bring an exciting new approach to ensuring everyone in our community has access to fresh, healthy foods,” said a Dare to Care representative in their promotional video about the trailer (see below).
The Zero Hunger Mobile Market runs a monthly calendar that includes 2-3 stops per day and 2-3 community awareness visits per month designed to increase awareness and engagement around the issue of food insecurity. 
Contained on board are dry grocery products such as cereal, canned goods, soups, juices, seasonings, and condiments; dairy items like eggs, milk, and cheese; a wide variety of meat; and a large selection of fruits and vegetables.
According to Kroger, 47,000 individuals in Jefferson County, Ky. live in “food deserts”, which are areas that face geographic and transportation barriers to grocery stores. The Zero Hunger Mobile Market helps to overcome those challenges by bringing the market directly to them.
Dare to Care owns and operates the trailer and provides the staffing and volunteers needed to run it on a daily basis. Kroger provides associates to run point of sale and stock product just like a customer would find in a brick and mortar location. 
This trailer is a great example of a large grocery retailer utilizing the mobile benefits of a trailer to reach customers who they don’t normally see, and do some good in the process. If there is such a need for a mobile grocery store trailer in Jefferson County, Ky., one can imagine the need in other areas throughout the country.
Interested? Give us a call at 630-524-2029 or email to get the conversation started today. 

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