Dr Pepper Hour Sampling Trailer

Sno Problems Trailer

Dr Pepper Hour Sampling Trailer

This custom sampling trailer is proof that not custom experiential marketing trailers can come in all shapes, sizes, and forms.

Capabilities Demonstrated

Custom Fabrication

graphic wrap

Graphic Wrap

The Process

The Ask

In the fall of 2021, Ice Factor reached out to us looking for a trailer they could use for an upcoming sampling program. The idea was a 12- to 18-foot trailer with a vending window, countertops, and plenty of power to handle multiple blenders.

How We Achieved It

At that time, custom trailers were still hard to come by after the pandemic shutdowns. Our inventory was light, especially for vending and concession trailers, but we did have a couple of ATC fiber optic trailers on-hand. The client was open to the idea, so we cut a hole in the curbside and installed a flip-up vending window. We also removed the existing cabinets on the interior of that side and installed a serving counter underneath the window. Finally, we wrapped the entire trailer and the tow truck.

Custom sampling trailer for Dr Pepper Hour
ATC Fiber Optic Trailer

Custom sampling trailer for Dr Pepper Hour

The Result

While most things are bigger in Texas, this trailer is a prime example that not everything needs to be. Even though it wasn’t a traditional concession trailer, this custom sampling trailer was exactly what the client needed. At 7’x12′ it was small and nimble enough to traverse the state, serving up the Baylor University tradition of Dr. Pepper Hour to prospective students at high schools throughout the fall.

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