Clear Trailers

Clear Trailers

Clear trailers that show off your prized car.


When you have a prized classic car or car you want to show off, why hide it behind walls? Show it off at all times, whether parked or traveling down the road, with a clear trailer.


Acrylic Sides

High-quality clear acrylic sides allow everyone to see your classic car inside. We can put acrylic walls on just one side, which sets the car apart from the contrasting wall on the other side, or one both sides allowing visibility from both sides.

Escape Doors & Options

Just like a regular car hauler, we can even add escape doors to the acrylic sides. allowing you to easily get in and out of your car. Choose from rubber coin, diamond treadplate, or vinyl flooring, add interior lighting, recessed d-rings, e-track, or airline track for tie-down, and even interior cabinets. The customization options are nearly endless.

Escape door
graphic wraps

Graphic Wraps

What better way to make your car stand out than with a graphic wrap?!? Put your branding on the exterior of the trailer so everyone knows what you’re all about, and wrap the interior walls with an offsetting color to really help your car stand out.

Not just car haulers!

While car haulers are most often used for clear trailers, we can also add clear acrylic walls to other types of trailers. We’ve done several stage trailers for experiential marketing with acrylic sides, including one that was used as a pilates studio.

clear trailer

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24′ Clear-Side Car Hauler

This 8.5’x24′ clear-sided car hauler from Xtreme Custom Trailers has an escape door, ramp-overs, a beavertail, and a heavy-duty ramp door to haul any type of car. The clear acrylic walls run the length of both sides, allowing you to show off what’s inside.

Perfect for hauling your classic car, show car, race car, or whatever else you want to show off.

This trailer would also work perfectly for an experiential marketing mobile tour, especially for auto brands. Load up your client’s new electric vehicle or latest model and hit the road.

While this trailer was sold, we can custom order a clear car trailer for you. Please view our current inventory or give us a call.

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Although this trailer is no longer in stock, we can custom build one for you. Please complete our contact form or call us at 630-349-7588.

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