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Best Car Hauler Trailers

Enclosed car hauler trailers are self-explanatory — they are used to haul cars from one place to another. While open car haulers expose cars to the elements, enclosed car haulers provide protection from weather, road debris, and theft.

Best Car Haulers for sale

You know the saying, ‘You get what you pay for.’ Well, that applies to trailers, too.

If you are hauling a prized classic car, collector car, or race car, you don’t want to skimp on the trailer. That’s why we only carry car haulers from reputable manufacturers, such as ATC, Cross, Discovery, and Formula.

Here are the best car hauler trailers we offer:

ATC RŌM 300 Car Hauler

Just like we mentioned in our Best Cargo Trailers post, if you’re looking for top quality, then ATC is the way to go. The Aluminum Trailer Company, based in Nappannee, Ind., is known for building high-quality aluminum trailers. Yes, they build steel too, but their bread and butter is aluminum.

Because aluminum is lighter than steel, it’s easier to tow, providing better fuel efficiency for your tow vehicle, and it allows you to carry heavier cargo. It’s also pound-for-pound stronger than steel, so it will last longer and retain its resale value.

As of spring 2023, ATC’s car hauler trailer line is called the RŌM, with 300 and 500 Series car haulers, in addition to a 500 Series gooseneck and 800/900 Series stackers. We only sell the 300 and 500 bumper pull car haulers, unless a customer wants to special order a gooseneck or stacker.

The RŌM 300 car haulers come standard with:

  • Full perimeter aluminum frame with all-tube aluminum construction
  • 16-inch on-center floor, wall, and roof crossmembers
  • Torsion axles and electric brakes on all axles
  • 3/4-inch engineered wood subfloor
  • .030 screwless aluminum exterior skin
  • Spread axle design with individual fenderettes
  • 7-foot interior height
  • (4) 5000-pound recessed d-rings
  • 4-foot beavertail (3-foot on 20-foot trailer)

The ATC RŌM 300 car hauler comes in lengths of 20, 24, and 28 feet, all of which are 8.5 feet wide. The 20-foot car hauler has an estimated payload capacity of 7,162 pounds. The 24-foot car hauler can carry approximately 6,782 pounds. The 28-foot car hauler is capable of hauling 6,534 pounds.

The 300 Series has a few packages that can be added on.

  • Premium Escape Door Package: premium escape door, removable wheel well, integrated step.
  • Exterior Package: Perimeter skirting with reverse beavertail, 4-inch upper and lower trim, rear spoiler with 3 LED lights, premium escape door
  • Deluxe Package: All of the above, plus black coin floor, cabinet package, 30am Intellipower breaker box with 60amp converter, 4 rectangular ceiling lights with switch, 3 interior recepts with 1 exterior recept, A/C prep, slide in/out step, 12-volt AGM battery. This package is not available on the 20-foot car hauler.

ATC RŌM 500 Car Hauler

When you need a little more out of your car hauler than what the RŌM 300 has, the 500 Series is here to deliver.

ATC’s flagship trailer, the RŌM 500 is loaded with features, in addition to the durability and reliability that ATC is known for.

The ATC RŌM 500 standard with:

  • Full perimeter aluminum frame with all-tube aluminum construction
  • 16-inch on-center floor, wall, and roof crossmembers
  • Spread-axle design with fenderettes and perimeter skirt
  • Black coin floor
  • .040 screwless aluminum walls and ceiling
  • 50amp breaker box with 60amp converter
  • (3) 15amp interior outlets, (1) exterior GFI
  • (2) external scene lights with switch
  • A/C prep and wire

Like the 300 Series, the 500 also comes in lengths of 20, 24, and 28 feet. The 28-foot RŌM 500 has two 6,000-pound axles, so it’s capable of hauling 9,250 pounds of cargo. The 20 and 24-foot RŌM 500 car haulers have two 5,200-pound axles and can carry 6,636 and 6,386 pounds, repsectively.

The 500 Series also has a couple of packages that can be added on.

  • Plus Package: Recessed floor airline track, insulated walls and ceiling, docking lights, extruded aluminum floor and ramp.
  • Deluxe Package: All of the above, plus bogie wheels, side mount turn signals, salem vents, awning rail with backer, 40-inch high bedrug on walls, in-floor spare tire compartment. This package is not available on the 20-foot car hauler.

Cross Arrow

If you don’t need aluminum, or all the bells and whistles that ATC offers, but still want a quality entry-level car hauler, the Cross Arrow is a solid choice.

Cross Trailers uses a proprietary Aegis System, which allows for flex, expansion, and contraction. This ensures a stronger bond to frame and increased oxidation resistance. In other words, a smoother look and longer lasting performance.

The Cross Arrow comes standard with:

  • Tube frame walls, mains, ceiling standard
  • 1-piece aluminum roof
  • 0.030 exterior aluminum
  • Fully enclosed wall for dust and water seal
  • Electrolysis (corrosion) resistant design
  • All exterior LED lights
  • Flat top design
  • Spring axles

Cross Trailers offers the Arrow car haulers in lengths ranging from 16 feet to 32 feet, all of which are 8.5 feet wide. The 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24-foot car haulers have two 3,500-pound axles, while the 26, 28, 30, and 32-foot car haulers have two 5,000-pound axles.

Discovery Nitro

Another base car hauler similar to the Cross Arrow is the Discovery Nitro. It’s durable and affordable, and with the blackout trim options that Discovery offers, it looks great from the outside, too.

The Discovery Nitro comes standard with:

  • 16-inch on-center wall, roof, and i-beam crossmembers
  • Dexter spring axles
  • 3/4-inch Drymax flooring & 3/8-inch Drymax wall liner
  • Ramp door with beavertail
  • .030 screwless aluminum exterior
  • 48-inch aluminum-framed side door with stepwell, RV flushlock and barlock

Discovery Trailers is based in Elkhart, Ind. and offers customization options and consistent lead times that are typically faster than most other manufacturers.

Formula Velocity

Another value car hauler is the Formula Velocity. What sets it apart is the finishing touches that Formula offers, such as a rear spoiler with loading lights, Top Fuel toggle switches, and heavy-duty ‘track style’ trim.

The Formula Velocity comes standard with:

  • 16-inch on-center cross members, tube walls, and roof bows
  • Torsion spread axles
  • 4-wheel electric brakes
  • White vinyl interior walls and ceiling
  • Screwless bonded .040 exterior
  • 1-piece aluminum roof
  • 7′ interior height
  • Rear spoiler with 2 loading lights and wall switch
  • 48-inch side entry door with flush lock and pull-out step

Formula also offers nearly endless customization options, such as front profiles, couplers, jacks, vents, side doors, exterior trims, interior packages, and more. With Novae backing, Formula promises to continue innovating in the trailer space.

Xtreme Custom Car Hauler

Xtreme Custom clear-side car haulers

A wild card car hauler option is Xtreme Custom Trailers. It may not have the name recognition of some of the more prominent manufacturers, but that doesn’t mean Xtreme should be discounted. In fact, it was founded and is run by former ATC employees. Many of the frames are actually built by ATC, and all of the trailer are built to the same exacting standards.

While Xtreme doesn’t have stock car haulers, we work closely with them to build custom car haulers for customers who want something different than what the other brands offer. The main benefit of Xtreme is the second part of their name: custom! They’re willing to build what many other aren’t, such as clear sides, and do so without a long backlog of orders.

Focused on Delivering Quality and Value

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing an enclosed car hauler trailer.

The big one, mentioned above, is material (aluminum or steel). That affects the weight, tow capacity, durability, and also the price.

Other factors include the standard features each manufacturer offers, as well as upgrade options, exterior color if you care about how your car hauler looks going down the road, and what type of tow vehicle you will be using.

We work hard to form relationships with manufactures that build quality car haulers that deliver great value for our customers. We don’t stock bottom-of-the-barrel trailers that will require a lot of maintenance and repair. Other trailer dealers do sell these types of trailers because our service shop sees them all the time. That’s not fair to our customers.

Are you in the market for a car hauler trailer? Please visit our current trailer inventory to see what we have in-stock, read more about the best car hauler trailers and car hauler brands we sell, or call us at 630-580-5840.

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