Vending Trailers

When you need to display your product, sell merch, or educate the next generation, vending trailers are versatile enough to do it all. Like a brick-and-mortar on wheels, a vending trailer draws attention at events and festivals and showcases your product in a way that a pop-up tent just can’t.

Mobile Education

Vending trailers are perfect for mobile educational classrooms. Take this 16′ Trailside Learning Center that we built for American Canyon Community & Parks Foundation, for example. With this trailer, they can offer ecology programs for youth throughout the Napa Valley at schools, community events, summer camps, and the Napa River Wetlands.

Merchandise Vending

From local high schools to professional football, baseball, and soccer teams to touring bands and concert venues, vending trailers provide an easy and mobile point of sale for merch outside the stadium or venue. We can add slatwall, cubbies, cabinets, shelving, or whatever you need to display your merch. Flip-up vending windows and recessed TV monitors provide branding, pricing, and visibility.

Vending windows
Horizon Firearms vending trailer

Great for Trade Shows

Vending trailers give you a defined footprint at trade shows without all of the labor required to set up a complicated booth. You can easily load in and out, and each day you can simply close up to keep all of your product and valuables safe and secure.

Need help choosing the right trailer? Our sales staff is ready to help you find exactly what you need.