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At Advantage Trailer, we can help you find the perfect trailer to move your vehicle, no matter what size. When you are towing a vehicle, you’ll want a hauler that is as light as possible. Aluminum is a popular choice for car haulers, despite costing more compared to a steel car hauler, thanks to its corrosion resistance and light weight.

We have many brands available to choose from when shopping for the perfect Chicago area aluminum car hauler. Whether you want an open or enclosed car trailer, manual loading ramp or mechanized lift, and stacker trailer or single trailer, we have over 2,000 haulers in various states of completion to choose from at the dealership.

Types of Aluminum Car Haulers for Sale

You can find just about any style, model, and brand of local Chicago aluminum car hauler on our three lots. Advantage Trailer is the largest distributer of ATC trailers with many luxurious and standard trailer options from this brand. We’re also proud to offer Thule, Stealth Trailers, and American Hauler trailers.

With us, you can also find any type of aluminum car hauler in Chicago, such as:

  • Gooseneck Trailers
  • Wedge Nose Trailers
  • Enclosed Car Trailers
  • Open Car Trailers
  • Stacker Car Trailers

Custom Fabrication and Finishing of Car Trailers

As an established dealership with thousands of aluminum car haulers for sale, we’re also proud to offer in-depth design, fabrication, and maintenance services. We go the extra mile by reinforcing the interior and exterior of our Chicago car hauler trailers for extra durability and weather resistance. Our design team can also help you customize your trailer with practical built-in living areas or glass walls to show off your ride.

If you have an existing car hauler trailer needs an overhaul bring it to us for any necessary repairs and maintenance, including structural work! We’ll be happy to look and provide a cost estimate to restore your trailer.