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Everything you haul poses some unique challenges, but few things are more challenging to haul than vehicles. Because they are a high-value item, it is extremely important to ensure that your cars, trucks, and motorcycles are protected on the road with car trailers in Chicago from Advantage Trailer.

As the area’s leading distributor of trailers, we are your Chicago car trailer solution – which means we can provide you with customized trailer solutions. We can ship your trailer anywhere in the United States, and we offer a full range of repair and maintenance services to ensure your trailer operates like new for many years to come.

Choose from all car and motorsports trailers that include:

  • Stack Trailers
  • Open Car Haulers
  • Enclosed Car Trailers
  • Aluminum Car Trailers
  • Toy Haulers
  • Motorcycle Trailers
  • And Much More!

Car Haulers for Every Vehicle

You have many different car haulers to choose from when you choose Advantage Trailer of Chicago. If you’re looking for a basic car trailer, consider an open model. If you’re looking for a little more protection, choose an enclosed hauler.

We have the ability to customize your car trailer to fit your needs. That means upfitting services, accessories, and custom lengths that will accommodate vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Transport Multiple Vehicles with a Stack Trailer

Stack trailers are the most convenient option if you have to transport more than one vehicle. However, they can also be the most dangerous way to transport your vehicles. Make sure your cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more are protected, and you and your passengers are safe, with a car trailer in Chicago from Advantage Trailer.

We carry over 2,000 of the latest model trailers and each one can be modified to meet your needs. By customizing a trailer with our help, you can ensure your specific vehicles are safe and secure while you’re on the road.

Protective Enclosed Car Trailers

Hauling a car instead of driving it is a great way to avoid putting unnecessary wear and miles on the vehicle, but it can still be vulnerable to damage from debris and collisions.

Keep your vehicles in pristine condition with steel or aluminum enclosed car trailers in Chicago – on display in our showroom with many custom options available. Because they feature sides and a roof, they can keep your car away from the dangers of the road.

Customizable Aluminum Car Trailers

An aluminum car trailer is a good choice if you don’t want the extra bulk of heavier trailers. Plus, we can customize every detail of your trailer!

Right here at our facility in Chicago, car trailer customization makes your hauler exactly what you need with add-ons or custom design from the start. Options include:

  • Upfitting
  • Accessories
  • Graphic wraps
  • Interior detailing
  • Panels and windows
  • Hitching features
  • And more

Plan a Visit to Our Chicago Car Trailer Showroom

We aren’t some dealer that runs out of a small garage. We’re a full-blown supplier, retailer, and service provider of any and all trailers! We even have a showroom where the latest trailers are showcased.

Make a plan to pick out a car trailer in Chicago at our showroom, or give us a call to learn more about our over 2,000 trailers. We’d love to help you choose the right car trailer for your vehicle and your budget!