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Best Cargo Trailers

Enclosed cargo trailers are versatile and efficient assets for both personal and business use. They can be used for moving, hauling goods, construction projects, transporting equipment, and more. They can be used for just about anything!

Best cargo trailers

Because of their ease of towing and popularity, we stock a wide variety of cargo trailers. We believe in offering our customers high-quality products for the best value they can get. With over 30 years in the business, we’ve seen everything imaginable, and we’ve built deep relationships with manufacturers of some of the best cargo trailers.

Here are the best cargo trailers we offer:

ATC Stō 300 Cargo Trailers

If you are looking for a top quality, lightweight trailer that will hold its value for years to come, look no further than ATC (The Aluminum Trailer Company). Based in the heart of trailer country, Nappannee, Ind., ATC specializes in — you guessed it — aluminum trailers.

Aluminum is both lighter than steel and also pound-for-pound twice as strong. While that does make it more expensive, it’s worth the cost if you can afford it. Lighter weight means easier to tow and less fuel usage. Stronger means it will last longer and hold up to the beating it will take while loading and unloading.

As of spring 2023, ATC’s cargo trailer line is called the Stō 300 Series. These cargo trailers come standard with:

  • A 2-foot slant wedge nose with taper-cut gravel guard
  • 16-inch on-center floor, wall, and roof crossmembers
  • 3/8-inch engineered wood walls
  • Transition flap and aluminum bar locks included with ramp door
  • All-tube construction
  • LED dome light with wall switch

ATC’s cargo trailers are available in 6-foot wide and 7-foot wide with lengths ranging from 10 to 16 feet. The 6-foot wides have an interior height of 78 inches and a single 2,990-pound axle. The 7-foot wides have an interior height of 84 inches and tandem 3,500-pound axles.

With torsion axles standard and the most structurally sound frame in the industry, the ATC Stō 300s are the best cargo trailers we can recommend.

Discovery Rover

When you don’t need top of the line, but still want a solidly built cargo trailer that will get the job done, Discovery is the way to go.

Good quality doesn’t always mean you have to break the bank to afford it. With over 75 collective years of experience under their belt, the team at Discovery Trailers manages to produce trailers that pass the test in both regards. 

The Discovery Rover comes standard with:

  • A steel tube 24-inch on-center frame
  • 3/4-inch Drymax flooring
  • 3/8-inch Drymax wall liner
  • Smooth aluminum fenders
  • LED taillights and bullet marker lights
  • LED dome light with switch

You can get a Discovery Rover cargo trailer in sizes ranging from 4×6 to 7×20. They also offer some great exterior color options to choose from and blackout trim at a great upgrade price.

Cross Alpha

A mid-range cargo trailer option is the Cross Alpha. Perfect for all of your basic hauling needs, such as moving your kid to college, making a trip to a big box store, or antiquing, the Alpha is durable and dependable.

Cross Trailers uses a proprietary Aegis System, which allows for flex, expansion, and contraction. This ensures a stronger bond to frame and increased oxidation resistance. In other words, a smoother look and longer lasting performance.

The Cross Alpha comes standard with:

  • 24-inch on-center tube steel frame walls, mains, and ceiling
  • A fully enclosed wall for dust/water seal
  • A flat-top design
  • 0.030 exterior aluminum
  • A 1-piece aluminum roof
  • All LED lights

Cross offers their standard cargo trailers in sizes ranging from 4×6 to 7×20.

Formula Traverse

An entry-level cargo trailer similar to the Discovery Rover is the Formula Traverse. One of the main benefits of the Traverse is that Formula uses aluminum frame side doors, which is uncommon on an entry-level trailer.

The Formula Traverse comes standard with:

  • Tube steel main frame construction
  • 24-inch on-center frame, sidewalls, and roof bows
  • Spring axles
  • 3/4-inch high-performance floor
  • One-piece aluminum roof
  • ATP fenders
  • 16-inch stoneguard
  • 0.024 aluminum exterior

Based in Bristol, Ind., Formula Trailers prides itself on providing exceptional value by offering top-of-the-line standard features in every one of its cargo trailers. With the backing of Novae, Formula will continue to innovate.

Continental Cargo RSV Series

Another value-driven cargo trailer option is the RSV Series from Continental Cargo. With sizes ranging from 5×8 single axle to 8×24 tandem axle, the Tailwind has something for everyone.

Continental Cargo falls under the Forest River umbrella, which means it has the deep pockets to manage production timelines and parts supply. Perhaps the best-selling feature of the RSV is that it is built with 16-inch on-center framing.

The Continental Cargo RSV Series comes standard with:

  • 24-inch on-center framing
  • 3/8-inch plywood walls with lauan trim
  • 0.030 aluminum exterior
  • Undercoated frame
  • ATP fenders
  • Leaf-spring axles
  • Semi style camlock door latches

Don’t Sacrifice Safety & Quality

There are a lot of cargo trailers on the market. Like anything, some are better than others. We understand that many customers are price conscious when it comes to a large purchase like a trailer, but we also can’t stress enough that you get what you pay for.

Because trailers are made to be pulled behind a vehicle, it’s incredibly important for them to be in good shape so as to not be dangerous to other drivers. Many trailer manufacturers cut corners in order to maximize profits, and many trailer dealers will sell poor quality trailers because they can get them at lower costs and jack up the margins or sell at a high volume. But while that may save you money up front, it only leads to problems down the road. We know because we see these trailers in our service shop every day.

That’s why we strategically stock the best cargo trailers for varying price points. We believe there is a trailer for everyone, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety and quality.

Are you in the market for a cargo trailer? Please visit our current trailer inventory to see what we have in-stock, read more about the best cargo trailers and cargo trailer brands we sell, or call us at 630-580-5840.

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